Tips to brighten up your home this monsoon

Dull monsoon weather getting you down? Lift your spirits with a healthy dose of colour in your home. Interior designer Minnie Bhatt tells us how

We can almost feel the sluggishness setting in thanks to grey clouds claiming the sky. But don’t let that get your spirit down. There’s an easy way of making your home seem bright and cheerful – no matter what the weather outside. It doesn’t take any going out of the way either, with these simple tricks up your sleeve, you can give your home the happy vibe it needs:

1.    Your walls are the biggest canvas you have, so make full use of them. There are several ways you can add colour to them. The easiest
       way to give them a happy makeover is by using wallpaper – use a bright one with bold floral patterns or you could opt for stripes and
       even geometrical prints. If you don’t want to go the whole mile, get your hands on a few wall decals. This way, you can take them off
       once you’re done with them.

2.    Soft furnishings are another way you can add colour to the space. Vibrant upholstery on sofas, armchairs and even vivid drapes can
       go a long way in making the living room bright. For the bedroom, you can always opt for brighter duvets, quilts and pillows for that
       touch of colour.

3.    Pay attention to your accessories. For a bit of bling and shine, pick accents with metallic trimmings. Gold, copper and brass are what
       you need to focus on when choosing your accessories. If you want to show your quirky side, you can pick table toppers in colours
       such as purple, yellow and green.

Apart from these, you can also take a cue from Mumbai based interior designer Minnie Bhatt to keep your home looking bright:

1.    On cloudy overcast days correct lighting is vital to lift the mood. While table lamps and other task lights like floor lamps and wall
       fixtures lend a nice warmth to the space, a day light or white tube light within a pelmet in the ceiling or wall will add brightness to
       the room.

2.    Bright cushions on couches and beds can brighten up any room. Vibrant shades of turquoise, yellow and burnt orange lend a nice
       splash of colour.

3.    A cluster of indoor plants in a corner of the room lend cheer, especially in the monsoons. These can be tall fortune bamboos, spider
       plants or Arica palms as all are easy to maintain.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant

Copy Editor

13 August 2018

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