The curtain guide

Unsure what kind of curtain will suit your home? Read our handy guide

Curtains are a key part of our décor but if there’s only one kind of curtain in your décor dictionary, then it’s time to familiarize yourself with the wide variety of choices available in the market. Read through our guide on the different kinds of curtains available in the market.

1.     Pleated Curtains:

There are different kinds of pleated curtains. Box pleat curtains have a boxed pleat at the top, as the name suggests. The tailoring required for this shape gives this type a more formal feel. Then there’s the three finger pinched pleat, which is commonly seen in most Indian homes.  This is made from three pleats stitched together to form one pleat. The pencil pleat has a set of folds at the top (they resemble a set of pencils, hence the name)

2.     Eyelet Curtains:

Eyelet curtains have precise pleats with holes on the top that are fitted with metallic rings. These allow for the curtains to glide smoothly across the rod, when pulled.

3.    Window Blinds:

Window blinds are coverings that form pleats at the top, when rolled up. Blinds consist of fabrics that are fitted with channels that allow for easy rolling movement, whether up or down. 

4.    Tab Top Curtains:

Consisting of flaps of fabric on the top that fit through a rod, these aren’t exactly known for smooth sailing on curtain rods.  Sheers are best suited for these kinds of curtains.

5.     Bamboo Chiks:

Chiks are common in Indian cities during the summer where these bamboo chik protect the interiors from harsh summer sun.


Written By: Bindu Nair


5 December 2016

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