10 tips to make a windowless room brighter

Wondering how to make your windowless room bright? We tell you how to fix this decor dilemma

Ah, the luxury of natural light! Nothing makes a home warmer and more inviting than large windows with ample sunlight pouring through. Light is scientifically proven to alter moods and if you’re rooms aren’t bright enough, chances are the atmosphere is having a negative impact on you.

For those who have dingy darkrooms or corners, let’s get down to business by brightening your home, one achievable tip at a time.
1.   Steer clear of bulky furniture. Opt for furniture made entirely or partially in glass or acrylic. These transparent material help light in
      the room flow freely. Take it from us, clear furniture can work wonders to make a space look and feel airy.

2.   While picking a big furniture item like a sofa, make a conscious effort to pick neutral colours. Go for lighter shades like tans, beiges,
      white and even light grey. This seemingly small decision will go a long way in dialling back the visual weight of the room. Worried
      about stains and maintenance? Consider upholstering them in outdoor fabrics that are more resilient and durable.

3.   Open shelving can make a big difference in a dark room. A bookshelf or a giant console can take up much need space by those
      blocking light coloured walls. But if the room is dark and small, opt for a closed cabinet in white or lighter hues. Clutter will simply
      make a small room look chaotic. 

4.   Get a lighter coloured flooring with tile or paint. If you’re stuck with dark wood flooring, offset it with light coloured rug or dhurrie.
      You could also coat the floor with a glossy finish for reflectiveness.

5.   Replace wooden doors inside the house with glass doors. Opt for frosted glass for privacy.

6.   Capitalise on the windows that you do have. Don’t overdo the window treatment with heavy drapery. Keep it simple with sheers and
      blinds in light colour or opaque fabrics.

7.   Paint the ceiling a light colour and introduce recessed lighting to illuminate dark spots and spaces.

8.   While you’re at it, usher different types of lights into your interiors. Use pendants, floor lights, table lamps and others to create a
      mood and reinforce the interior style.

9.   Instead of wood, pick metal accents with reflective finishes. They will help bounce any and all light that hits them.

When all else fails, embrace the darkness and use it to your advantage. Paint a dim room in a dark colour scheme and complement it with lighter hued soft furnishing and mood lighting.


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