Small wonders: Succulents

Super stylish and easy to maintain, succulents are slowly finding their way into our homes, one pot at a time

Love having plants but find tending to them cumbersome? Then a bunch of succulents is the thing for you. They are sturdy, with stubby leaves, roots or stems. They work well individually or along side your other houseplants. You can place them in quirky containers or as a part of a set in a terrarium. Group them together on a tray with a few candles, along side some coffee table books and your living space will look as good as the ones you see in magazines.

Succulents are low maintenance, that they need less water compared to other plants, adapt easily to light conditions and can thrive in warm and dry conditions usually found in most homes. All you need to remember is keep them in the sun a few hours in the day and allow the soil to dry out between two watering sessions. When choosing a succulent, opt for the bright green ones. The chances of them surviving indoors are the highest. The best way to style your succulents is to pair different ones together. The different shapes and colours will create for an interesting arrangement.

So are you ready for your spot in the sun?


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