How to tackle grime in the kitchen

Keep your kitchen looking brand new by following these easy tips suggested by Mumbai based interior designer Minnie Bhatt

A kitchen is one of the most extensively used places within any Indian household. Taking good care of this space is therefore of utmost importance. The shape of the kitchen can vary from a parallel formation to a U or L shape. These offer optimum space utilisation required for working conveniently. The kitchen triangle is a crucial element of design, used to place the sink, hob and refrigerator. Follow these tips to minimise the grime in your kitchen:

1.    Granite is the go-to material when it comes to kitchen countertops due to the excess use of oil and platform space in Indian
       cooking. The composition of granite makes it durable and easy to maintain. It can be washed and cleaned everyday with just soap
       and water without losing its actuality overtime

2.    In a heavily operated kitchen, I would advice against the use of a U or L-shaped countertop as it would lead to corners that
       would be a bit of a challenge to clean

3.    Kitchen cabinets should be finished using materials that behave like plastic or have a plastic-like finish. So, laminates (which is the
       most budget friendly option), glass, back-painted glass and paint laminated shutters are the way to go. Their glossy finish makes it
       easy to clean viscous and oily substances

4.    Dado tiles should be selected in a manner that would make them easy to clean. It’s best to avoid using 3D tiles

5.    It is preferable to select materials that are water and fire resistant and have a long-life span

6.    Avoid using porous stones for countertops as they tend to either bend overtime or absorb the colours given off by Indian masalas


Written By: Minnie Bhatt

Guest Contributor

3 April 2018

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