How to organise your shoe cupboard

Storing footwear can pose unique problems – follow these simple steps for a well organised shoe cupboard

The way you care for your clothes, furniture and even household items changes with the seasons, so why not do the same for your shoes? Caring for your footwear seems easy enough but storing them properly makes a huge difference. Follow these tips for clean, well-ventilated, non-smelly shoes that are ready to wear at a moment’s notice, whether they belong to you or your guests.

1.    Pick a storage option that has enough room for multiple pairs of footwear; this can be a rack made of metal, bamboo, cane, plastic
       or wood. The slimmer it is, the better it will fit in a narrow doorway or against a wall near the entryway

2.    If you are picking a closed shoe closet, ensure it has enough vents as this will allow shoes to breathe and prevent odours from
       getting trapped

3.    Footwear such as boots, high heels or high-top sneakers should go on the topmost shelf, followed by moccasins, brogues and flats.
       The last shelf should be reserved for slip-ons, sandals and slippers

4.    Place anti-slip mats on each shelf. These prevent the shoes from sliding off, trap dust and dirt and can be wiped off regularly to keep
        your shoe rack clean

5.    Hang a row of drawstring shoe bags on the side of the rack. These provide extra storage for shoes that are not used often or for
        when you need to grab a pair to pack for a trip


Written By: Simona Terron

Contributing Writer

27 April 2018

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