How to dress up your windows

An A to Z guide by designer Kanika Pahwa, founder of Studio Ezube and Project Wood on the right treatment for your windows

Windows can be tricky to work with, considering the sheer number of aspects one needs to pay attention to. On the bright side, there are several window dressing styles you can choose from. You can choose from a range of styles available.

Roller Blinds

Made of fabric, jute or PVC, installation involves a cord with a pulley mechanism to bring the blinds up and down. A neat and contemporary option, they are available in automated and complete blackout versions too. Although versatile, they tend to look commercial and are best suited for offices.

Roman Shades

A personal favourite, they work on the same principle as roller blinds. Cosier and warmer, you can even match them to the interior scheme of the room as well as add borders or piping. On the downside, since they stack up on top of the window frame, it runs the risk of looking bulky on big windows.

Cafe Curtains

Placed halfway or even lower on windows, it lends a vintage countryside feel. The main purpose is to block view while allowing plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Perfect for the kitchen, you can even use crochet lace for this dressing. However, it can look a bit disorganised and visually incomplete sometimes.

Woven Shades

Another favourite, these environmentally friendly shades are usually made of jute, rattan or bamboo. They are cost effective, earthy and lend well to Indian decor. You can even find them in a variety of colours. But they tend to absorb dust and don’t do well with every kind of decor.


This treatment involves using smaller fabric panels on the top of the window that goes well with Classical, Indian and Arabic interiors. Pleated, ruffled or scalloped in style, it can be made in fabrics to match the interiors. It lends a formal but old-fashioned vibe to space.


One of the most widely used window dressings, curtains add warmth and style to any space. You can mix it up by layering sheers and heavy curtains or even adding a valance to add a touch of regality. Ideal for larger rooms, curtains might look shoddy in small spaces and need to be selected carefully.


A common sight in India, metal grills can be installed either outside or inside the window frame. Apart from the obvious advantage of safety, grills come in an assortment of patterns. You can even use them to raise climbers and creepers for a cottage-like look. However, they are prone to rust and can look ugly if not designed well.


Written By: Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes

Contributing Writer

6 April 2017

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