How to dress up your walls

There’s a lot you can do with your walls than just a big frame. Read on to know more

Find yourself oscillating between painting your walls or wallpapering to give them a facelift? Choose from our easy updates for a quick makeover.

1.    Treat your walls like a gallery. You can hang a collage of picture frames, set of vintage plates, ceramic taxidermy or even woven
        baskets. Mix and match 2D and 3D elements.

2.    Clocks can make a big statement. From oversized ones to metallic ones, these are bound to keep you time-bound.

3.    You can add depth and interest if you place a low height bookshelf across the length of the wall. Introduce a large mirror over
        and it will instantly double your space.

4.    Add loose, single shelves and treat it like a showcase of your favourite collectibles. Place your art, books and accessories on it.


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