How to care for your leather furniture

Fancy that leather couch but not sure how to care for it? Here’s a list of handy tips that will help you bring it home faster

Much like wine, your leather sofa is bound to age well. That is, if you take good care of it. We know how important it is to you, so we decided to put together a quick checklist that you can follow to ensure that your leather sofa travels well through time.

Clean, clean, clean. Be meticulous and particular about it. It needs all your OCD love. If you can, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth every alternate day. As with most corners, the crannies of the sofa folds are most prone to catch dust. Vacuum it regularly.

Just like your fabrics turn lighter with exposure to direct sunlight, your leather couch is also bound to be affected. Avoid extreme temperatures if you can. Too hot, and it will dry up and crack.

Another definite no-no is soap and water. They may work for your floors but certainly not for your sofa. It will cause discolouration.

Use a conditioner once a year to keep the leather supple and in mint condition.

Remember, leather is much like fabric, in the sense that it will absorb anything that spills on it. Hence, be quick on that coffee spill. Dab all liquids with a cloth or tissue as soon as you can.


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