How to care for your fabric sofas

Taking good care of your fabric sofa can ensure it lasts you a long time

The couch is one of the key pieces in your living room. It helps anchor the place and provides comfortable seating. It’s also perhaps the most used piece of furniture in the entire house and is prone to get dirty relatively easily. Follow these simple steps to increase the life of your fabric sofa:

1.    Choose the right fabric

Choose the fabric appropriate for your lifestyle and usage. Use synthetic fabric in areas of heavy usage. If you have pets, avoid fabrics that are heavily textured or have loose weaves.

2.    Protect your fabric

Several choices for pre-treated, stain repelling upholstery are available in the market. Cleaning products such as 3M Scotchgard can come in handy when wiping stains from white or light-coloured upholstery. In case of spillage, clean the stain immediately to safeguard the fabric.

3.    Make slip covers

Slip covers are a popular way of making sofas child-friendly. Most are machine washable and can easily be taken off when guests are expected. Replacing an irretrievably stained cover is far cheaper than re-upholstering a sofa.

4.    Use loose cushions

Using loose cushions as opposed to fixed ones allows the flexibility of creating new looks by simply changing covers. It also slows down wear and tear and tends to make the sofas look newer.

5.    Keep changing your spot

Often, we tend to sit in the same spot over and over again, which could result in greater erosion of fibres in that area. Keep switching your place to evenly wear out the fabric.

6.    Vacuum

Cleaning your sofa is key to making the fabric last longer. Vacuuming it once a week prevents dirt from getting embedded in your upholstery.

7.    Use professional services

Get your sofa periodically shampooed by professional cleaners, without waiting for it to become visibly dirty. The dirtier it becomes, the harder it will be to restore it to its natural glory.

8.    Keep away from direct sunlight

Direct and harsh sunlight can cause the fabric to fade, making it look older than its age. Try and place your sofa such that it is away from the sunlight.


Written By: Jyotsna Kanal

Contributing Writer

16 March 2018

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