Decorating tricks you need to know

Doing up your home can be quite daunting, so we got celebrity interior designer Priyanka Mehra of PS Design to share with us her list of fail-safe tricks

A living room is a bastion of who you are, what you like and is your first point of connection with your guests, ergo decorating it in the correct manner is essential. Following are a few simple tips that will help you make a lasting impression.


Flooring is like a blank piece of canvas you paint a picture on. Avoid using stark coloured flooring if you want a long term look for the furniture you wish to place. A beige coulored flooring, be it wood or stone is ideal because most colour schemes go well with it. Also, the option of changing the furniture and fabrics remains open without having to break and redo the flooring.


Trick is to stick to neutrals for furniture and play with colours and textures in the form of cushions and accessories. You can also explore the possibility of using a limited edition furniture piece, or a radical-shaped one to add a little drama to your space.

Make it personal

Always remember, your home has to be different than a hotel. Bear in mind your lifestyle. The space should be a reflection of who you are. Use your passion/ hobby to add a personality to your space. Layer your living room with books, a collection of your favourite things, curios from your travels, or just things, which make you happy.


Fabrics help soften the rigidity of an otherwise concrete space. You can use full height, ceiling to floor curtains to make the room look taller.


Lighting plays a very important role. If the living room doubles up as a space for reading, make sure the lighting is adequate for daily chores. Otherwise create mood lighting by adding decorative lamps/ wall sconces. Adding a mirror in front or perpendicular to a window also helps amplify the lighting inside the room.

Another oft-ignored element is greenery. Incorporate plants into your living space to add instant life to it.


Written By: Priyanka Mehra

Guest Contributor

5 April 2017

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