8 steps to prep your deck for winter

Protecting your deck correctly in winter ensures you have that fabulous entertaining space for the rest of the year

As an extension of your home, decks are a great space to host BBQs, garden parties or sometimes just catching up on some stargazing. With winter approaching, you need to ensure your deck is well protected so that it is ready to be enjoyed when the sun is up and shining once again.

1.    Clear up
Begin by removing everything on the deck - this means BBQ gear, furniture, potted plants, storage racks, chests and gardening tools, it all goes into storage.

2.    Clean sweep
Start with a thorough dusting and get rid of any leaves and bits of food lying around. This will ensure that no mildew, fungus or mold has a chance on your property.

3.    Wash up
A simple soap and water solution should do the trick but hire a professional for a quick pressure wash, if you think it could use some extra care. Avoid attempting to do this on your own as it can damage the surface of the deck if done improperly.

4.    Rot check
Replace any and all broken or loose nails, warped railings and pieces that have become soft and split by screws.

5.    Sand and seal
After all repairs and replacements are done, sand the entire deck to even out the surface before vacuuming and then sealing it with a high-quality water repellent and sealant made specifically for the kind of deck you have. This prevents the elements from weakening and damaging your deck during the harsh winter months.

6.    Cover up
It can be tricky deciding how to shield your deck from the ravages of winter - because the slightest condensation could mean stagnant water ruining your deck while it’s not in frequent use. A good idea is to place a loose tarpaulin over the deck to avoid moisture getting into the cracks and warping the boards.

7.    Melt ice right
When dealing with ice formation, avoid the urge to chip or shatter it. Use a non-toxic, ice-melting product that is appropriate for your deck.

8.    Prune plants
Prune shrubs, bushes or trees touching the deck to prevent mold formation at the contact points.


Written By: Simona Terron

Contributing Writer

Image Courtesy: Ikea

2 November 2018

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