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3 summer coolers to stay refreshed

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Enjoy the afternoon summers with these three cool summer coolers suggested by The Sassy Spoon, Nariman Point

When the summer heat is beating down on us, there’s just one thing we wish for – a cool, icy drink to slowly relish and sip on. Pranav Mody, Mixologist, The Chocolate Spoon Company Pvt. Ltd shares with us his winning combinations to beat the summer heat – ones that will make nimbu pani a thing of the past.

-    8 coriander stems
-    60 ml Kokum syrup
-    1/4 de-seeded green chilli
-    5 ml Tabasco sauce
-    Black salt to taste
-    Club soda
-    Ice

You will also need:
-    Boston shaker
-    Muddler
-    Bar Strainer 
-    Collins glass

Muddle six stems of coriander in a Boston shaker. Next, add the green chilli and stir lightly. Add the Kokum syrup, Tabasco and black salt (to taste). Drop in the ice and shake vigorously. Strain into the ice filled Collins glass and top with club soda. Garnish with two stems of coriander.

-    4 mulberries
-    1 orange wedge
-    60 ml grape juice
-    30 ml kala khatta syrup
-    ½ a lime
-    2 lime rings
-    Black salt to taste
-    Pomegranate
-    Crushed ice

Muddle two mulberries, half a lime and one orange wedge in a shaker. Add the grape juice, kala khatta syrup and black salt and stir well. Pour in another glass filled with ice and garnish with fresh pomegranate beads, mulberries and lime rings.

-    1.5L water
-    100 gm barley
-    1 cardamom pod
-    2 lemon wedges
-    5 ml honey
-    Mint and lemon for garnish (optional)

Boil barley and water in a pot till you are left with just one litre water. Strain and allow it to cool for a while. In a mixing glass, muddle a pod of cardamom and add about 200 ml of the barley water. Squeeze in two lemon wedges, add the honey and stir. Pour in another glass topped with ice and garnish with mint and lemon.

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