Summer special: Buttermilk Pancakes

The founders of Kitchen Garden by Suzette share the recipe for this light and fluffy pancake- perfect for breakfast this summer

Summer is a time for healthy but light meals- think fluffy pancakes for breakfast and fresh salads for lunch. We got Antonia Achache and Jeremie Sabbagh of Mumbai’s Kitchen Garden by Suzette to share the recipe for the perfect summer morning companion – the buttermilk pancake. Read on to find out more.  

Note: This recipe makes approximately seven pancakes

Dry ingredients:

-        190g plain all-purpose flour

-        2 tsp baking powder

-        Half a teaspoon salt

-        2 tbsp honey

Wet ingredients:

-        2 eggs

-        80g melted butter

-        210 ml buttermilk


·      Combine the dry ingredients

·      Beat the wet ingredients and add to the dry ingredients

·      Stir but not too much (there should be lumps in the batter) otherwise the pancakes will be too stiff and dense

·      Cook in a small frying pan till golden


Written By: Bindu Nair


23 May 2017

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