Springtime joy: A falooda state of mind

Anahita Dhondy, chef manager, SodaBottleOpenerWala shares a recipe for the perfect spring time drink- the beloved Mumbai Irani Falooda

When it’s springtime in the kitchen, we are all looking for something that’s light on the stomach but refreshing at the same time. Anahita Dhondy, Chef Manager at the Parsi themed restaurant SodaBottleOpenerWala shares her recipe for that beloved Mumbai drink- the Irani Falooda.

“The Falooda symbolises spring because of the flavour of rose and the bright pink colour of the strawberry Falooda. It's chilled and smells like spring,” she says.

Read on for the step-by-step recipe

Note: Quantity: Makes one glass


-        Strawberry crush - to garnish the glass

-        Ice - 2 cubes

-        Falooda sev - 45gm

-        Milk - 90ml 

-        Basil seeds - two spoons (pre-soaked and swollen)

-        Saffron sugar - a few drops (make a sugar syrup of 1 litre with 1 gm of saffron) 

-        Vanilla ice cream - 2 scoops

-        Rose water / rose essence - sprinkle


1.    In a glass, put the strawberry crush on the inside making a design as you do so.

2.    Add the falooda sev, basil seeds and ice cubes.

3.    Top it up with milk and then Vanilla ice-cream.

4.    Pour some of the saffron sugar and sprinkle with rose water.

5.    To make it look even more festive, put some fresh rose petals.


Written By: Bindu Nair


4 April 2017

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