Salad table styling ideas

Impress guests at your next do with a stylish salad table. Just follow the expert advice of Little Food Co’s Bhakti Mehta

Summer is a great time to host brunches, and as the season calls for light meals, especially during lunch, a DIY salad bar or salad table is the perfect idea to explore for your next soiree. Co-founder and Chef at Little Food Co, Bhakti Mehta shares tips on acing a stylish salad table setup.

1.    Use various base leaves, proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese, seeds, herbs, dry fruits and dressings

2.    Work with both cold and warm salads such as ones with balsamic mushrooms, roasted pumpkin, etc as their main heroes

3.    Nut butters and whole grain breads make good salad companions

4.    Toast and roast nuts and seeds and set them up as a "sprinkle section" on the table. You can put them in a soup spoon for display

5.    Give your guests options of different dressings such as citrus honey vinaigrette, blue cheese dressing, fresh mango salsa, garlicky
        tahini hung yoghurt, creamy herb mayo dressing. You can display these in beakers or mini glass pitchers

6.    Make cups out of lettuce or purple cabbage, noodles / spaghetti out of carrot and zucchini. Put the soft cheese in piping bags and
        with fun nozzles for serving

7.    Pre-make some salads in shot glasses and smoothie bowls with fruits cut using mini scoopers

8.    For single serves, create salad skewers with bocconcini, tomato & arugula with a balsamic dressing

9.    Make use of various cake stands, Ferris wheels and muffin tins for dry condiments, shot and martini glasses to create a beautiful
        setting. Switch out your paper plates for mini Chinese takeout boxes to serve individual portions

10.    Placing your centrepieces on wooden bark style risers would add a rustic charm to your table. Plain white flowers or baby breath
         flowers will also suffice as the salad ingredients would already be colourful


Written By: Bhakti Mehta

Guest Contributor

3 April 2018

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