Tips for last minute entertaining plans

Be a charming host with our list of handy tips

As big fans we may be of impromptu plans, last minute hustling is something we are not very fond of. But try as we may, we can’t avoid it either. So we put together a bunch of tips to help you tide through rushed planning and come out on top.

1.    Flowers. If there’s time to buy just one thing before the guests arrive, let it be flowers. They will instantly make your guests feel like
       you were expecting them. Same goes for scented candles.

2.    Napkin rings. Nothing spells preparedness than having it down to the last detail. All you need to do is pull out a few strands of
       flowers, leaves, twigs, what have you, string them with a twine and attach it to individual cutlery sets.

3.    If you haven’t had the chance to pick up flowers, then simply pull out a glossy vase or a glass one, roll some lettuce/ cabbage (if you
       have purple then even better) leaves on the inside and place some greens or dried flowers in it. Pair it with a cluster of bright fruits
       like pomegranates or unusual ones like mangosteen on a nice gold or brass plate, and you are set. If you have a candelabra, set it up
       as well. If not, place tall candles inside old bottles for an equally charming effect.

4.    Pull out those fake pearls and the vintage tray you have been hiding in the cupboard. Place a few decanters, some flowers in a cut
       crystal glass or leave them as an open bunch to create an interesting centrepiece.


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