Summer picnics in the park: Dos and Don’ts

With summer in full swing, we give you a few dos and don’ts on how to plan the perfect picnic day

There’s a gentle breeze that brings with it the fragrance of summer. There’s laughter, games, plates of food, family time and catching up with friends. Here’s what you can do to prepare for a stress-free picnic.  


1.    Check the weather before stepping out. This will help you pick an appropriate location for your picnic as well – whether you want to
       visit a spot with a lake or one with green meadows all around

2.    Carry a cooler and a picnic basket. It is a great option and you can purchase one that comes with reusable plates, cutlery and glasses

3.    Freeze some bottles of water. These will keep the food fresh and as the ice melts, you’ll have chilled water for a refreshing sip

4.    Carry a picnic mat or bed sheet to spread out on the grass

5.    Plan for activities that everyone can get involved with. Frisbees, football, kites or a rope for tug of war. When it comes to board
       games, pick something that doesn’t have too many pieces or tiny parts which could get lost easily


1.    Don’t leave prep work for the venue. Any chopping and cooking should be done at home and carried in air tight containers. If you’re
       carrying a portable barbeque, prepare skewers of marinated ingredients at home

2.    Don’t prepare messy dishes like curries or anything with sauces. Avoid food that spoils easily like those containing milk products,
       eggs, mayonnaise and meat especially fish and shrimp. Food options to consider include tossed salads, finger sandwiches, crudités
       with a thick dip, chips, easy to eat fruits like apples and oranges, and muffins

3.    Don’t carry carbonated drinks. All that shaking during the car ride can result in a fizzy explosion. Iced tea, fruit juice, sangria, and
       wine in leak-proof bottles or insulated flasks are good options. If you’re planning to mix cocktails at the venue, stick to those which
       need at most three ingredients

4.    Don’t overpack. Take only the absolute essential things you need for the picnic. This way, you’ll have less things to look after and
       more time to enjoy the outing

5.    Don’t litter. Take garbage bags to carry dirty plates and dishes back home. And pack enough wet wipes; you may not have the option
       to wash up


Written By: Nadezna Siganporia

Contributing Writer

25 April 2018

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