Plan a breakfast in bed

This weekend, plan a breakfast in bed for your own self or for your significant other, with these styling ideas in mind

Plan a cosy breakfast in bed with soft furnishings in an all-white colour palette, with just a hint of pastel. This weekend, plan a breakfast in bed for yourself alone or for your significant other. That’s all the warmth and peace you need on a Saturday morning.


BP Bharat Ob 2 Cup Tea Pot 4 Pcs from Fabfurnish, Rs 851





Heart Textured Cushion Cover From Thelabellife, Rs 890




Solid Sheeting Ivory & Silver from Nicobar, Rs 5,800 (set of four)




Maud Mug from Ikka Dukka, Rs 1,400 (set of two)







Ribbed Bowl from Freedom Tree, Rs 560 (set of two)







Rosti Mepal Synthesis White Serving Tray Small from Freedom Tree, Rs 1,485





Hammered Pewter Place Setting from Thelabellife, Rs 1,340




Pluchi The Mesh Knitted Throw from Fabfurnish, Rs 2,999

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


29 March 2017

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