Plan a breakfast in bed

This weekend, plan a breakfast in bed for your own self or for your significant other, with these styling ideas in mind

Plan a cosy breakfast in bed with soft furnishings in an all-white colour palette, with just a hint of pastel. This weekend, plan a breakfast in bed for yourself alone or for your significant other. That’s all the warmth and peace you need on a Saturday morning.


BP Bharat Ob 2 Cup Tea Pot 4 Pcs from, Rs 851





Heart Textured Cushion Cover From, Rs 890




Solid Sheeting Ivory & Silver from Nicobar, Rs 5800 ( Set of 4 )




Maud Mug from Ikkadukka, Rs 1400 ( Set of 2 )







Ribbed Bowl from Freedom Tree, Rs 560 ( Set of 2 )







Rosti Mepal Synthesis White Serving Tray Small from Freedom Tree, Rs 1485





Hammered Pewter Place Setting from, Rs 1340




Pluchi The Mesh Knitted Throw from, Rs 2999

Styled By: Nidhi Tiwari


19 September 2017


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