How to plan a game room

Rework that extra room into the perfect game room with a little planning and our handy tips

From being a space where you can spend quality time with your family to an area you and your kids can use for a chill night with friends – the game room can be the perfect setting to relax and enjoy yourself. Here’s how to convert that extra room into a quality entertainment space:

The essentials

Plan your layout keeping in mind details like wiring, lighting and electrical outlets. Keep one wall free for an entertainment unit that can house a television for the gaming console and accessories, along with your movie or board game collection. Cable organisers come in handy to neatly wrap up exposed wiring.

Let the games begin

Plan your table games wisely to avoid crowding the room. Depending on their size, you can choose one or at most two you enjoy the most. Options include pool, foosball and mini table tennis tables. Keep in mind you need enough space around these to be able to play comfortably. You will also need a centre table with storage for board games and some floor space for games like charades and darts. Instead of buying a scoreboard, you can simply paint one with some chalkboard paint.

Lighting and colours

Each gaming area should be well-lit. Recessed ceiling lights combined with specific task lights like pendant lamps over the pool table or an arc floor lamp illuminating the board game zone work best. A light or neutral colour palette will work well to open up the space and make it seem airy.

Make the most of it    

An adult-only game room can also house a bar. Get a pool table that can be transformed into a dining table to turn the space into a brunch haven. The family game room can also be a space where your kids can hang out with their friends. Air mattresses, sleeping bags, sofa-cum-beds or futons are perfect options in case they want to have a sleepover.


Written By: Nadezna Siganporia

Contributing Writer

26 April 2018

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