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5 things an amateur chef needs

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The Bombay Canteen’s Thomas Zacharias shares the five things that every amateur chef needs to have in their kitchen

If the many cookery shows on air today have made armchair chefs of the majority of us, they have also managed to convert a small section of its viewers into enthusiastic home cooks, who will leave no utensil unturned in their search for the perfect kitchen tools. That’s why we got The Bombay Canteen’s  

Thomas Zacharias to share the top five kitchen tools that every amateur chef needs. Read on.

1.     Chef Knife

As obvious as this may sound, most home kitchens have dull, lifeless knives which makes using them a difficult and frustrating experience. A good, sharp knife not only makes you faster but also less dangerous since the chances of the knives slipping and getting fingers cut are lesser.

2.     Silicon Spatula

A silicon spatula is a very versatile tool even in the home kitchen. It's the best option to use on non-stick pans as it's easy to handle and doesn't damage the non-stick coating. Due to its flexible nature, it also helps to minimise wastage while transferring chutneys, sauces, purees etc from the blender or mixer to another container.

The Bombay Canteen’s Thomas Zacharias.

3.     Fish spatula
Despite what the name suggests, the fish spatula can be used for a whole lot of different meats, seafood and vegetables. It's a must however when pan searing fish because it allows you to handle the fish delicately without breaking it apart.

4.     Vegetable Peeler

Given the amount of peeling that takes place in a home kitchen, a good vegetable peeler is a very useful and necessary tool.

5.     Mandolin Slicer

The mandolin slicer, especially the Japanese kind, is an easy, efficient and precise tool for slicing and julienning vegetables. It's great if you're just starting to hone your knife skills but still want to impress someone with good knife cuts.

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