5 quirky gift wrapping ideas

Looking to make your gifts stand out? Get inspired with our list of quirky gift wrapping ideas

Christmas may be over but it’s still the season of giving. If you have been looking to add that little bit of personality to your gifts this festive season, take inspiration from our list of quirky gift wrapping ideas.

1.     Use brown wrapping paper:

Instead of the standard coloured wrapping paper that we typically use for gift wrapping, consider a more understated option- like plain brown wrapping paper and then style it with a simple strand of twine and accessories like pine nuts on top. 

2.     Add a sprig of green:

Think gift tags are passé? Try styling your wrapped gift with a small sprig to add a little personality.

3.     Doodle all over:

Think your painting skills are up to a little bit of a challenge? Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, it doesn’t hurt to use a coloured marker or a watercolour laden brush to add some careless strokes on your wrapping paper.

4.     Like Vintage? Add some pearls:

If you personally like a touch of vintage, consider adding either a single artificial pearl or a strand to your carefully wrapped present. 

5.     Put those scissors to good use:

You can create simple paper cutouts as alternatives to those boring mass produced gift tags. Try cutting out simple shapes like the silhouette of a Christmas tree or  flowers on felt paper. 

Adding that extra thought to wrapping your presents tells the receiver that you care enough to add that personalized touch. We can’t think of a better way of spreading the festive cheer, this season.


Written By: Bindu Nair


12 December 2016

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