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Diwali Ideas: Festive flower arrangements

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Flower arrangements are the best way to quickly and effortlessly decorate your home. Petals Deas of Velvet Ribbon shares her expert tips on breezing through these decorations

Diwali is sure the festival of lights, but flowers too play an important part in the decorations, especially when it comes to making your home look fresh. Frantic, last minute shopping and hurried decorations can leave you with little time to beautify your home. We’ve got Petals Deas of Velvet Ribbon to spill the beans on quickly refreshing the home with flowers:

Identify The Space:
First and foremost, think about where you want to display the floral arrangement. Identifying the right areas for this is important since it will give you an idea of how big or small your bunch should be. Think about if you want to showcase it on the centre, side or dining table.

Size Matters:
Depending on the placement, you can choose how to go about the floral arrangement. “For the dinner table, a long rectangular arrangement of three feet is ideal,” says Petals. “For a sit-down dinner it should be lower than eye level but for a buffet, taller arrangements can be quite dramatic.” Her recommendations for the centre table are quite simple, “Depending on the shape of your table, a round or square arrangement works best. These should be low so they don’t come in the way.”

Visual Delight:
While flowers appeal to any kind of aesthetic, it is vital to keep them in tandem with the surrounding décor. If you like to keep the décor simple and understated, jasmine and tuberoses are your best bet. However, “If you are using traditional decor elements like brass diya stands then bright, exotic flowers can complement them quite well. I like to use clusters of bright pink orchids and hydrangeas to give it a slightly more modern take,” says Petals.

Medium of Display:
“A bell or round shape vase, with a height of one to two feet works best for the dinner table,” suggests Petals. As for side and centre tables, “an assortment of small shapes with a height of six inches works best.” These can be further accentuated with small diyas or urlis. 

Take a look at our gallery below to be inspired for flower arrangements for your own home

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