Diwali Ideas: Decoration tips for dining table

Tips and inspiration for two festive table settings this Diwali that will take you from lunch to dinner effortlessly

There’s nothing more we love than mealtimes with our folks, over merry laughter and joyous conversation. Throw in beautiful place settings, and we are definitely sold. So there’s more than one reason for us to be excited about Diwali. Not only does it call for get-togethers but also lets us don our hostess hat on.

We have chosen two exquisite table settings that will help you ace your lunch and dinner celebrations. Here’s a quick set of tips that will aid your ultimate festive table setting.

Tips for lunch table setting
1.      You can either work with all whites or opt for a monochromatic look. If you do decide to work with monochromes then make sure
         you have an ensemble of different prints to aid you

2.      You can take the offbeat route of using wooden crockery

3.      Break the mattes with a hint of metal, in this case copper

4.      Make sure the food you serve is colourful to offset the monotone furnishings

Tips for dinner table setting
1.      First and foremost decide on your palette. A emerald green with gold is a winning combination for an understated yet elegant

2.      Ditch the regular cloth runner for an innovative one. You can use one made of faux grass. Should you use a real grass runner, then
         make sure it is insulated at the bottom

3.      Place clusters of votives interspersed with lanterns on the runner

4.      Throw in ferns, leaves or vines to create continuity between the runner, votives and lanterns

5.      Layer your plates to create a formal look


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

10 October 2017

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