Delightful place setting ideas

Cutesy elements paired with elegant flatware makes for the perfect lunch setting this monsoon

We love when folks put as much time and effort, if not more, in putting together their table décor as they do with their food. The joy of walking to a table with a personalised place setting is the ultimate when it comes to formal entertaining. However, we decided to take the edge off with adorable place settings that are not only informal and fun but also easy to make.

Given how unpredictable the weather has been of late, it’s only natural that our entertaining has moved indoors this monsoon. So while your team slugs it out in the kitchen, here are a few simple DIY ideas that will help you up your table setting this monsoon. Firstly, colours. Work with colours of the season – choose from ocean blues to cloudy greys. Instead of cloth table runners, work with sheets of paper, that way there’s no hassling about washing and drying later. Create a hero element, borrowed from the weather – be it a simple paper boat, a dainty umbrella fashioned from a doily or paper cut outs of clouds. And lastly, elegant flatware and serveware. This will help balance the whimsical elements on the table.



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