Colourful lunch table setting ideas

Bright and cheerful, this breezy lunch table setting works as well in summer as it does in the grey monsoon

We put in as much love and effort into our table décor as we do into the food we serve. In both, you will find lots of fresh and colourful elements, play of textures, pops of personality and a lot of DIY. So, whether we are aiming for a light, summery vibe or a cheerful pick-me-up on a grey monsoon day, colourful table settings are what we always turn to.

One of the simplest tricks to create a breezy table setting is to treat your table like a vibrant landscape. Think a mash up of vibrant florals, fresh citrus colours, graphic lines and (our eternal favourite) DIY. Throw norm out of the window – for example, replace your regular table runner with a whole bunch of colourful fabric pieces at different levels to create your own. Stick chalkboard stickers on small, glass milk bottles to create personalised glasses. You can fashion your own centrepiece with a combination of simple glass bottles filled with flowers or take a large jug and line it with cuts of fresh lemon and fill them with flowers.

Just remember, no matter what you do – keep it casual and breezy. After all, your lunch table is much more than mealtime – it’s about sharing plates, stories and lots of laughter. As they say, good vibes only!


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

Image courtesy: IKEA

1 June 2018

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