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7 ways to make your home interiors smell amazing

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A home that smells good is a pleasure to be in and to welcome friends and family to. Good scents are indicators of good energy. It is scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with a good smell can help you de-stress, and who doesn't need that right now? But choosing the perfect scent is the key. An overpowering aroma that accosts you right when you walk in can be headache-inducing while a faint one may entirely defeat the purpose. We are talking about a scent that feels infused into the space and makes you feel instantly welcomed by the atmosphere it creates.

Sure, fresh flowers and candles are the obvious route to a great smelling home. But they are not the only ones. Here are some of the best and easy ways to make your entire home smell fantastic this festive season.

1.    Bring back incense sticks and cones
Incense is a comforting and soothing way to give your home a spicy, warm scent. A single stick can leave a mesmerizing smoke trail of splendid aromatics and vibes. Just watching the smoke rise can become a simple act of multi-sensory meditation. Get an incense holder so the surface underneath your incense stick doesn’t burn as ashes fall.

Hèrmosa Design Studio
Rs. 370 onwards

Rs. 165 onwards

Nappa Dori
Rs. 863 

Incense sticks from Nappa Dori

Lighting incense sticks and cones is a comforting and soothing way to give your home a spicy, warm scent.

Potpourri from Home Centre

Placing potpourri in various spaces is a natural way to infuse your dwelling with fragrance.

2.    Potpourri
A bowl of potpourri (a mixture of dried scented flowers and leaves) is a natural way to infuse your dwelling with fragrance. You can place potpourri in fabric bags (sachets) and put them in drawers and closets to scent clothing. Tie them to doorknobs when you are expecting guests. And when the scent fades refresh it over and over again with a spritz of your favourite scent.

Rs. 632 onwards

Home Centre
Rs. 249 onwards

3.    Indoor plants
Plants can boost a home’s overall livability. They not just instantly beautify the space but also clean the air. Choose jasmine, eucalyptus or gardenias that offer pleasant fragrances, too. The best spot to place them is near an open window so their perfume can travel throughout the house. Having fresh herbs in the kitchen is also a heavenly way to benefit from powerfully healing scents. Who does not like to inhale the refreshing aroma of mint, oregano or basil?

Nursery Live
Rs. 449 onwards

Rs. 295 onwards

A planter with yellow flowers kept beside a window

Choosing fragrant potted plants for your home instantly. Image courtesy, Kate Hliznitsova/ unsplash

A scented candle placed on a stool with a plant beside it

Candles are an obvious way to fill your home with an aroma that you love. Image courtesy, Nathan Dumlao/ Unsplash

4.    Light a candle
Candles are an obvious way to fill your home with an aroma that you love. If you're concerned about the environmental aspect of the smoke that candles produce, a soy candle is a great pick. They are non-toxic and a more sustainable option for a healthy environment and burn relatively slowly.

Rs. 349 onwards 

Baro Market
Rs. 790

Nappa Dori
Rs. 2,850

Rs. 4,500

5.    Essential oil Diffusers
The best thing about diffusers is that, you can set them down and forget about them. Just fill a diffuser with water, pour a few drops of essential oil in, and turn it on. The diffuser creates a fine mist that carries the scent of the essential oils throughout the house. If you are using a glass or ceramic vase, choose one with a narrow mouth. This slows down evaporation. Oils such as almond oil or safflower oil are the most popular base oil because they are thin enough to travel up the diffuser reeds, allowing the room to quickly fill with the scent of your choice. 

Rs. 349 onwards 

Rs. 650

Essential oil being poured into a diffuser

Diffusers create a fine mist that carries the scent of the essential oils throughout the house. Image courtesy, Social Cut/ Unsplash

6.    Spray your room
The solution for a quick aromatic tune-up of your home is a good room spray. Think of it like cologne for your home. Choose from fresh florals that conjure up memories of beautiful summer days to earthy aromas reminiscent of the great outdoors. A few spritzes will create a pleasant atmosphere for meditation or chilling with friends. Be sure to choose a spray that is free of harsh chemicals like parabens, alcohol and synthetic fragrances so that you can safely spritz the product around pets and kids, fabrics and in some cases, on your skin.

Forest Essentials
Rs. 1,495 onwards

Nyassa Bath and Body
Rs. 500 onwards

7.    Activate your kitchen
There is nothing more lovely than walking into the smell of freshly baked cookies or freshly baked bread. Not in the mood to cook? Then just throw some herbs in a simmering pot and let it make you and your kitchen happy! For a homey, refreshing scent put coffee beans into a burn-proof container and light a tea candle underneath it. The beans will heat up slightly and give off an invigorating fragrance.

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