5 ways to rustle up delicious eats for unexpected guests

Don’t let unexpected guests take you by surprise with these quick hacks that ensure tasty food

It doesn’t matter if it’s relatives or friends – no one likes the pressure of having to suddenly cater to surprise visitors. But don’t worry, with these five simple tips and tricks, you’ll always be prepared to play host to the hilt.

1.      Stock Smart

Keep your pantry and refrigerator stocked with some basics. In your pantry, store things that can be great toppings for salad, soups and dips, as well as mains like instant couscous, rice vermicelli noodles and canned foods. Your fridge must have mayo, mustard, cheese spread, yoghurt, whipped & sour cream besides chocolate sauce and good quality dark chocolate. Frozen foods can be simply defrosted and stir-fried, deep fried, microwaved or pressure cooked in a jiffy.

2.     Keep It Simple

Don’t struggle to impress. A simple chips-n-dip set up can keep them busy while you throw together a quick stew with coconut milk and serve it up with garlic bread. Or just take that frozen rice, quickly defrost and stir-fry with frozen diced vegetables. A tuna salad just needs onions, capers and a can opener!

3.     Cheat in Style

It isn’t hard to dish out a three-course meal if you rely on handy staples of readymade foods. Some clever juggling can make your food look like it took hours to prepare.

4.     Deconstruct & Decorate

Your creativity can ensure boxed food looks good. Sprinkle a seed mix on salads or chop up sun dried tomatoes and olives to make your dips pop, both flavour-wise and visually.

5.     Have Fun with Tableware

Use different styles of presentation to serve the food. Add pretty décor accents on the table like candles in coconut shells or make edible shot glasses out of hollowed out cucumbers. Keep it fun!


Written By: Simona Terron

Contributing Writer

16 January 2018
A story about Entertaining Lifestyle

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