18 goodies that make up the perfect holiday hamper

A food-filled hamper is sure to delight as a Christmas gift. Here’s how you can put one together to truly stand out

There are a million ways to a foodie’s heart and about a million ways it can go wrong. So how do you personalise a gift basket for someone around the holidays and leave little to chance?

Our suggestion is to fill a basket with a mix of things - sweet and savoury, premium and sure-shot favourites. Add some healthy or off-beat snacks along with little morsels of tradition so that there is something for everyone. Incorporate little personalised touches like a great Eggnog recipe, or things like Chestnuts that are not easily available but spell Christmas. If you’re short on time, don’t shy away from some professional help. Just make sure its well-presented and topped off with some Christmas decorations and a beautifully hand-written note.

Here is what we picked out for our gift hamper:
1.    Quinoa puffs

2.    Cranberry orange cookies

3.    Dairy-free coconut chocolate spread

4.    Salted pistachios

5.    Milk chocolate bar

6.    Dark chocolate coated almond bar

7.    Raspberry preserve

8.    Dark chocolate bar with cranberry

9.    90% dark chocolate bar

10.    Sour cherry drops

11.    Coffee

12.    Crispy beetroot chips

13.    Sugarfree nut health bar

14.    Strawberry wafflets

15.    Baklava

16.    Hazlenut pralines

17.    Icing coated puff pastry

18.    Dark chocolate coated busicuits


Written By: Tanya Siqueira

Contributing Writer

Produced and Styled By: Pragnya Rao

Assisted By: Shreya Bhimani

18 December 2018

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