12 place settings for the ultimate dinner party

Here are some simple but creative ways to add festive cheer to your dinner table

Snow white, festive red and green or dazzling silver and gold, sometimes the holidays leave us scratching our heads for new ideas that are fresh and cheerful. Start by sifting through your boxes of decorations for singular pieces that will add to, rather than overwhelm the table. Look for trendy prints like chevron and polka dots to keep things modern or try muted tones of gold, silver, copper and pewter for the understated glam look. Don’t be afraid to play with disposable cups, plates, napkins and even wrapping paper to add some much-needed cheer to your settings. Finally, instead of one singular stand-out element, look for pieces that come together harmoniously to make your meals and your table truly sparkle.


Written By: Tanya Siqueira

Contributing Writer

Styled and Produced By: Pragnya Rao

Assisted By: Shreya Bhimani

12 December 2018

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