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Traditional with a twist: Homemade coolers for a delicious nutritious summer

Chef Vikram Arora of Mumbai restaurant Tamak shares some seasonal recipes for summer coolers that dip into tradition and combine a variety of flavours to soothe and nourish

Serves one: Simple meals for single living

25-year-old food blogger Raman Okram shows us how planning and pantry staples can make cooking for one easy and delicious

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Festive drinks recipes to get the celebrations going!

Aneesh Bhasin, co-founder of home-grown brand of all-natural beverages, Svami Drinks, stirs things up this festive season with two must-try cocktail recipes

Three chefs add distinct flavours to the festive season

Experiment with food with three inspiring recipes that will ensure a perfect start to the Diwali season

All the tools you need to be a pro home baker

We asked a bakery chef to tell us what is it about baking that makes it a soothing practice, and to recommend some essential tools