Space Saving Interior Design

Space saving interior design is a requirement of most homes nowadays. Interior designers today look at various ways to optimise space in compact apartments while maintaining their visual appeal.

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Space Saving Interior Design

Given the limitations on space availability particularly in apartments in big metros, space saving interior design plays a key role in creating visually appealing and functional spaces. The increasing number of such compact homes in cities has led to interior designers coming up with space saving ideas for small apartments to ensure that homeowners don't have to compromise on the interior design of their choice. Integral to space saving house design, apart from smart spatial planning, is the furniture that is chosen for such homes. Whether it is a living room or a dining area, there are several space saving furniture design options that come with storage in different styles. This holds even for space saving kitchen designs.

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Benefits of Space Saving House Design

  • The most important and obvious advantage of space saving interior design is more floor space to move about.

  • Space saving designs are geared towards creating clutter-free interiors, so such a space saving room design will also look more organised and neat

  • Space saving interior design may also end up being cost-effective because homeowners will spend less on furniture, buy multifunctional pieces and will also use a lesser number of decor accessories.

  • Space saving house design also leads to flexible use of the room. Since the furniture is minimal, the freed-up floor space can be rearranged and used as per the wishes of the homeowners.


Tips for Space Saving Interior Design

  • When it comes to space saving house designs in small apartments, it is a good idea to go with an open layout. Minimal walls in a small space ensure there is more floor area that can be used.

  • One of the more important space saving ideas for small apartments is to try and get in as much natural light as possible.

  • Judicious use of mirrors and glossy reflective surfaces are key ideas to create tasteful space saving designs by creating the illusion of spacious interiors.

  • The most important aspect of space saving house design is the furniture. This includes a diverse variety of pieces that are room specific. For example, a modern space saving dining table can be a light foldable one that is attached to a wall along one side.

  • Space saving bedroom furniture is also a practical solution. A sofa-cum-bed is an example of such type of furniture. Another example of a space saving bed is the Murphy bed, which is attached to the bedroom wall and can also be folded.

  • Wall storage, like floating shelves, make use of vertical wall space

  • Space saving kitchen designs that are modular and hence customisable to fit small kitchen layouts, etc.

  • Choosing light colours or whites and creams is a good idea.


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FAQs about Space Saving Interior Design

1. How do interior designers save space?

There are a variety of ways in which interior designers can implement space saving designs in homes, beginning with using the layout. An open layout, for example, is a good way to free up more floor space. Smart space saving furniture is one of the main ways in which designers can save space. This includes multifunctional furniture, like a sofa-cum-bed, or wall-mounted furniture pieces that make the most of wall space. Keeping clutter down is also how space is saved and including furniture that offers storage is a sure-fire way to achieve that.

2. How does space relate to interior design?

Interior design is all about spatial planning. While the decorative aspects do form an essential part of interior design, they come later. Primarily, the layout of a house, the space available for the designers to work with and how it can be planned and utilised to be aesthetic as well as practical are the main aspects of interior design. And in this regard, space is intrinsic to achieving that.

3. How can I save space in a small room?

There are many easy-to-implement space saving ideas for small apartments or rooms. The priority would be investing in multifunctional furniture that comes with storage. It is also important to keep the pieces you want as well ad any decor accessories to a minimum. Some space saving bedroom furniture would be a bed with storage, which will eliminate the need for extra cabinets to store items or a foldable bed attached to a wall, which you can fold when not in use. A wall-mounted space saving wardrobe is another good idea. Similarly, depending on the room, you can invest in such versatile furniture pieces.

4. What is space saving furniture?

Any kind of furniture that offers more than one function is easily moveable or foldable or can be mounted on walls can be classified as smart space saving furniture. These include pieces like foldable dining tables or a foldable bed, open or closed cabinets or wardrobes that can be mounted on walls and a modular kitchen where you can plan the number of cabinets based on space availability, among other things.

5. Why is space saving important?

Most city apartments nowadays are compact so it is important to be able to work with the space you have. To do that, saving space through smart planning has become very important. This ensures that your home looks visually appealing while being practical. A lack of clutter as a means to save space leads to a neat and organised house or room which helps you find things easily and navigate the space well too. Too much clutter in a small house can be confusing and chaotic.

6. How can Beautiful Homes help me get a space saving house design?

As an end-to-end solutions provider when it comes to everything design and decor related, we are uniquely placed to understand each homeowner's requirement. Our team of designers is adept at working across all kinds of rooms and spaces, large and small. So you can be assured of a space saving interior design that is perfectly suited to not just your tastes but one that optimises the space you have without compromising on quality or function.

7. What are some space saving interior design ideas for a 1BHK?

There are easy solutions to create a quality interior design in a 1BHK. Opt for light or neutral colours and most importantly ensure your space has an open layout. Multifunctional furniture that doubles up as storage is a great option, as is moveable and foldable furniture, such as wall-mounted beds or a foldable dining table. Go for versatile seating including foldable chairs, ottomans and pouffes and avoid bulky furniture. Sliding doors for wardrobes or cupboards as far as possible is a good idea as swing doors that open outwards take up more space.

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