Find the shape that suits your space

Straight Modular White Kitchen Design and Shite Countertop - Beautiful Homes


A modern kitchen design where only a single wall is engaged for cooking, washing and storage areas; best suited when you’re looking for small kitchen design options.

U and C Shaped stylish wooden Kitchen Design With Wooden Storage Space - Beautiful Homes

U-shaped (or C-shaped)

Suitable for small and large areas, this shape offers ample countertop space and storage. It creates an efficient work triangle and is a great way to separate the cooking area from the dining space.

L shaped White & Brown Kitchen Design with Gas Hob and Chimney and White Countertop  - Beautiful Homes


A popular kitchen design of all sizes, this shape concentrates workspaces on two adjoining, perpendicular walls, offers room for two cooks to work simultaneously and allows for a centre island as well.

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design Layout with Yellow and Grey Colour Combination - Beautiful Homes


As the word suggests, two parallel counters are the main feature of this modern kitchen design where all essential appliances and items are within easy reaching distance. A great option for small spaces.

Kitchen Design Island  Layout - Beautiful Homes


A dream kitchen format, the island provides a good amount of room for preparation and storage. It’s functional but scores points in the aesthetic department as well and can transform your kitchen.

Personalized Kitchen Designs with Shelves and Storage Ideas With Small Space for Dining Table - Beautiful Homes


While kitchens can broadly be classified into the previously mentioned categories, every kitchen is unique. Keeping that in mind, at Beautiful Homes Service, our personalised modern modular kitchen designs are meant for your distinct aesthetic.

Key Elements in a Modern Kitchen

How it Works


Meet Our Kitchen Experts
 Design Experts for Home Decor - Beautiful Homes

We get things rolling by setting up a meeting with our Customer Experience Specialist (CES) and a Sleek Kitchen designer. You can opt for an online video consultation or a face-to-face meeting. If you do choose to meet in person, please note, it will be contingent on the on-ground situation in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 directives. At this stage, we assess the space you have and gain an in-depth understanding of your specific kitchen needs, which would depend on your lifestyle, cooking habits and frequent users of the space.


Design Discussion

After understanding your needs and your cooking, storage and structural requirements, we propose kitchen design options that will help the smooth functioning of your space. After all, a strong functional kitchen that meets your aesthetic and budget can spark your creativity like nothing else.


Visualise, then Finalise

Once you shortlist a 2D design and book our services, our experts build a custom 3D render with the help of our 3D visualiser to give you a chance to see exactly what the final product would look like before work even stars. Subsequent changes will be made to fit your budget, taste and liking before the final signoff.


Relax while we work

You can now relax while we work to build your dream kitchen in our state-of-art manufacturing facilities. When it’s time, we will contact you to schedule delivery and installation of your kitchen design.


Experience cooking

Once installed, our CES will give you a walk-through of your kitchen and a demo of the kitchen appliances that you have chosen. They are present to assuage any concerns you have at the time. Every Sleek Kitchen comes with a 10-year warranty and first year free maintenance, so you can enjoy your cooking while we take care of your kitchen’s maintenance and durability.

 Design Experts for Home Decor - Beautiful Homes

Customer Stories

The Beautiful Homes Service Advantage

Interior Design Experts - Beautiful Homes

Interior Design Experts

The most important decision you will make when it comes to interior decoration is finding skilled and reliable professionals. At Beautiful Homes Service, we ensure your house design is in the hands of our panel of experienced interior designers.

Design Home With Personalised Service - Beautiful Homes

Personalised Service

Every home is a unique expression of its homeowners. We ensure your house design is in keeping with your distinct tastes. Everything, from creating furniture to choosing furnishings and lighting, is meant to reflect your sense of design.

Visualization Based Interior Design - Beautiful Homes

State-of-the-Art 3D Visualisation

Second-guessing your décor decisions is not unusual, that’s something we’ve accounted for, with our 3D visualiser. Its an ideal way to see how your space can turn out and allows you to make any changes to the design before work begins.

Living Room Design - Home Interior End-to-End Service - Beautiful Homes

End-to-End Service

While we work towards giving you your dream home interior design, all you need to do is relax while everything is taken care of. From concept to creation and planning to execution, our team has got you covered

Design Experts for Home Decor - Beautiful Homes

Project Management

A dedicated Project Manager is in charge of managing your home renovation process. The project manager oversees the timely completion of your interior design and makes sure the workflow is seamless.

Signature Walls Texture From Asian Paints  - Beautiful Homes

Signature Walls

With Beautiful Homes Service, you have access to top-of-the-line Asian Paints products to create beautiful walls. This includes elegant Nilaya wall coverings & textured finishes designed to elevate your home interiors.

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Your Queries Answered

What is Beautiful Homes Service?

Beautiful Homes Service is an end-to-end, completely personalised service that helps you design and execute the interiors for your dream home.

Can I avail of the service if I want some very simple and minimal design work done for my house?

Absolutely. Beautiful Homes Service offers personalised solutions for your interior design needs. Our designers talk to you in detail to understand your vision and help you design a space that is in sync with your tastes and preferences. This service is definitely an option for you to consider.

Do I have to get the entire house designed if I book this service?

Not at all. This service works for you even if your renovation is limited to a specific room or area of the house.

Who will supervise the work when I’m out of the house at work?

Our customer experience specialist (CES) would be your single point of contact for all queries and concerns that you may have. He will be the one to lead the entire project and keep you informed about the progress.

Will I need to visit the site regularly?

No. Our customer experience specialist (CES) is the custodian of your site and he will visit the site and also ensure that you get regular updates about how the work is progressing. The CES is your go-to person in case of any concerns or queries.

Am I allowed to customise the designs for my house according to my taste?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on providing you best-in-class personalised designs to fit your needs. You can consult and collaborate with our customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer to finalise the design that works for you.

Can I opt for different themes for different rooms in my house?

Definitely! You will be involved in every design decision that is taken. The customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer will consider and incorporate your opinion and solicit your approval at all stages in the designing phase. The final design will be based on your tastes and on popular trends.

When do I meet the interior designer to communicate my requirements?

Our customer experience specialist (CES) will be the person to contact you first, to understand your needs and get the house plan. He will explain the process to you in detail and understand your needs and your style. He will also clarify any doubts and concerns. In the second meeting, you will get to speak to both the CES and our interior designer, who will show you the proposed design. You will also get to see the design over our state-of-the-art 3D visualiser where you can make changes and see them in real time.

Can I get my furniture custom-made via this service?

Yes, you can. You can work together with our customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer to create the furniture that fit your needs.

How do I visualise the proposed design for my house?

After a detailed design discussion with our interior designer and CES, they share the proposed designs of your house with the use of our state-of-the-art 3D visualiser. Once you’ve seen what the interior design of your house would look like, you can get into further discussion of any changes that you want made—and see them happening in real time. Along with the design output in the 3D visualiser, you also get to look at it in 2D. Any subsequent changes that you need to make will be made to fit into your taste and liking.

What services do you offer and why should I choose them?

Our services include end-to-end designing and execution of the interior design of your house, which includes furniture, furnishings, decorative lighting, décor accessories, modular kitchen designs, painting and civil work. Experts from their respective fields employ precision and a fine sense of design to execute your vision. This ensures that your house design is entirely personalised. Apart from that, you are completely involved in the design process; you also get to witness the transformation and changes you desire with our exclusive 3D visualiser, to enable you to envision your dream home and make changes in real time. You can also be assured of expert project management and a completely professional experience while we create your beautiful home.

In which cities is this service operational?

As of now, we are active in eight cities—Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. We are also active in select pin codes of Coimbatore. Please fill out the form to know if we are operational in your area.

Who will be my contact person for the entire duration of the project?

The customer experience specialist (CES) will be your contact person from the beginning till the end of the interior design project. He will address and assuage any queries or concerns that you have during this time.

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