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Aluminium Modular Kitchen Design


While many materials are used to design modular kitchens, from timeless wood to laminate and acrylic, one material that is emerging as an increasing favourite is aluminium. The aluminium modular kitchen has the appearance of a professional-grade chef's kitchen, with its sleek countertops and efficient-looking cabinetry.


There are several reasons why the aluminium modular kitchen is fast gaining popularity among homeowners. It has a contemporary aesthetic which works well in most urban homes nowadays. Apart from the aesthetic value, aluminium modular kitchens are also environment-friendly as it made of entirely recyclable material. Aluminium does not cause any harmful waste that negatively impacts the environment. Such kitchens are also extremely functional. In space-limited homes, this material ensures the kitchen doesn't look cramped or overcrowded with its sleek, minimal design.


One of the main reasons why professional chefs prefer aluminium modular kitchens is due to their low maintenance, moisture-proof, pest-safe characteristics, which make the aluminium modular kitchen a great, easy-to-maintain addition to any contemporary home. There are some downsides, however. Aluminium is a soft metal, so any kind of rough use or hard knocks suffered by aluminium kitchen cabinets, for example, can lead to dents that would be hard to get out. If homeowners like a more traditional or warm aesthetic, then, too, a modern aluminium kitchen design is not recommended.

Types of Aluminium Modular Kitchen Designs

Beige kitchen cabinets with marble finish backsplash and platform
Dark grey themed kitchen with illuminated open racks for crockery and storage
A combination of pastel brown and oakwood colours for kitchen interiors
An all-grey kitchen with walnut brown flooring
An all-grey minimalistic kitchen
A subtly conceptualised modern kitchen

Our design process - how it works

Your home is all about you. From the first call, we try to understand you and your expectations from a living space. Our designers work with you on finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, while our project manager ensures that budget, time and quality goals are met. 


Understanding what you need

Our team will spend time with you to understand your requirement and preferences - functional and aesthetic


Let's co-create your future home

Our designers will work on a unique interior design, and show you the potential of your home - in 3D


Cost optimisation and planning

We will help you make key interior design decisions that suit your budget, before charting out a project plan


Site handover and warranty

Once the work is completed, we hand over the keys to your new home - a successful collaboration!

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FAQs for Aluminium Modular Kitchens

1. Is aluminium good for kitchens?

There are many advantages to an aluminium modular kitchen design. When it comes to the aesthetic, its sleek appearance makes for a great style statement in modern homes. Functionally, an aluminium modular kitchen is very easy to clean as it does not absorb moisture, negating the need for deep cleaning. Aluminium cupboards and cabinets also don't rust easily, making them long-lasting. Unlike wood, you don’t have to worry about a pest infestation with aluminium.

2. Is an aluminium kitchen cabinet design expensive?

Aluminium is a great metal for cabinets, given its rust-proof, waterproof, pest-proof and non-flammable nature. However, it also costs more than wood. Typically, the cost is Rs 450 per square foot. Remember, though, that aluminium cupboards and cabinets are also highly durable with a long life. And they are easy to maintain and clean. However, make sure to account for the aluminium modular kitchen price when you finalise the budget for your kitchen design.

3. Are aluminium kitchen cabinets good?

Aluminium as a metal has a lot of advantages. It does not allow moisture to seep through as it is non-porous. This means that any spills can be taken care of by immediately wiping down the surface and there is no worry about stains. Therefore, large and small aluminium kitchen cabinet designs will benefit from this, as well as the fact that the metal does not rust. It also does not lead to any pests or termites infesting the material. This is a non-flammable metal, too, which makes it safe to have aluminium kitchen cupboards.

4. How can Beautiful Homes help you design an aluminium kitchen?

We are a full-service interior solutions company and look into every aspect of design and decor when it comes to residences. Our expert designers can help you work out the best-suited kitchen layout and materials for your house and your tastes. Our team of expert designers are well versed in designing all types of kitchens in a diversity of materials, including designing an aluminium kitchen. 

Benefits of Having an Aluminium Modular Kitchen Design


  • A big advantage of aluminium kitchen design is that it is very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Aluminium, being non-porous, does not absorb any stains or spills, so surface cleaning should be enough to keep it clean and sparkling.

  • It is also moisture-proof, which is another advantage when it comes to a space like kitchens, where rough use, stains and spills are all par for the course.

  • Homeowners who opt for an aluminium kitchen design don’t have to worry about pest infestation, which is a worry with materials like wood.

  • Aluminium kitchen cabinets don’t run the risk of any rust problems, which ensures they are long-lasting. 

The Best Colour Combinations for an Aluminium Kitchen Design


Aluminium typically invokes images of sleek metal but contrary to popular belief, aluminium kitchen cupboards and cabinets do come in different colours. The colours homeowners opt for will depend on their personal preferences as well as something that is in sync with the overall interior design. Keeping it sleek and sophisticated like a professional-grade kitchen without any colour is also an option particularly if homeowners want a minimal contemporary design for their kitchen. Adding a bright accent to any small aluminium kitchen cabinet can enhance the aesthetic.


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