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Key Elements that Make up a Living Room

Make the sofa set the centrepiece of your living room

Sophisticated and elegant or inviting and cosy—the indispensable sofa comes in a variety of options. We will help you choose a living room sofa that fits your style and requirement perfectly. Or even better you can custom build a sofa set that’s ideal for your living room.

Living Room Interior Design with Cream Colour Sofa and Rug and Wall Cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Apart from being great TV furniture pieces, modern cabinets have versatile appeal

Modern TV cabinets also serve as multifunctional pieces. They are versatile enough to be interesting substitutes to tables or a piece of furniture to hold all your living room décor pieces and essentials. We offer a variety of choices that suits every kind of requirement.

White Colour TV Cabinet With Small Wooden Table on Both the Side For Living Room - Beautiful Homes

Build your seating arrangement around a well-chosen centre table

They accentuate your interior design and give your living room a sense of organisation. Centre tables come in a range of materials and shapes and we can help you zero in on what works best in your space and with your style.

Wooden Centre Table Design Idea With a Combination of Cream Colour Sofa For Living Room - Beautiful Homes

Lay the groundwork for your living room with tasteful flooring

When it comes to finding wooden flooring that resonates with your house design, we offer a wide choice of this classic element—from light teak to dark hues. We help you get the flooring right to give your house a timeless finish.

Wooden Flooring Idea for Living Room - Beautiful Homes

Choose a style that fits well within your space

These are fixtures in most homes and we make sure you have a variety of styles and sizes at your disposal. Select a dining table from our offerings or even custom build one to fit your specific needs.

Wooden Dining Table and Green Colour Wall Paint For Living Room - Beautiful Homes

A multitude of colours and fabrics to embellish and enhance your aesthetic

Well-designed furniture and well-chosen furnishings dictate the style for your living room interior. At Beautiful Homes Service, we help you choose fabrics in different hues and textures to style your home with your unique sensibility.

One Seater Green Colour Sofa For Living Room with a Wooden Bookshelf - Beautiful Homes
Living Room Interior Design with Cream Colour Sofa and Rug and Wall Cabinets - Beautiful Homes White Colour TV Cabinet With Small Wooden Table on Both the Side For Living Room - Beautiful Homes Wooden Centre Table Design Idea With a Combination of Cream Colour Sofa For Living Room - Beautiful Homes Wooden Flooring Idea for Living Room - Beautiful Homes Wooden Dining Table and Green Colour Wall Paint For Living Room - Beautiful Homes One Seater Green Colour Sofa For Living Room with a Wooden Bookshelf - Beautiful Homes

These are some popular styles under living room that you can explore:

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Selecting a Hall Design you'll love

The most important, most visible space of a house, the living room sets the tone for the aesthetic of all the other rooms. It is also the room that will be the most seen space in a house when visitors come over, or if the homeowners enjoy entertaining at home, so its role as being a physical and spatial expression of how its inhabitants live is very significant in creating the right first impression. The preferences and needs of the residents should be given due consideration but it is also imperative to determine the most appropriate design based on the size, and the layout and zero in on a style that will optimise it. 


What are some creative and simple living room ideas?

We are constantly playing tug of war with loving Nordic minimalism and craving Indian maximalism, and this gets especially harder in the largest space of the house – the ​​hall interior design. But it doesn’t have to be an either-or situation is what we’ve come to realise. Add a pop of colour to your white sofa with a bright throw, bring colour on your walls with art, or cover your windows with colourful curtains. But keep in mind the essentials – clean, straight-lined furniture, less clutter, and soothing tonal shades! If you don’t know where to start, read on to discover some creative and simple living room ideas. Moreover, you can speak with a living room designer as well. They can help you with additional ​​living room ideas keeping your needs and preferences in mind.


Which are the trendy drawing room interior designs?

Presently, these are the trendy drawing room interior designs:


  • Boho: Boho drawing room interiors are all about raw, organic materials, such as wood and leather. 

  • Scandinavian: Scandinavian ​​drawing room ideas are minimal and clutter-free spaces that emphasises airy spaces, natural light, and clean lines.

  • Japandi: Japandi drawing room interiors blend the smooth, modern lines of Scandinavian design with the sleek, functional, elegance of the Japanese aesthetic.

  • Midcentury: Defined by organic shapes, minimal decor, and a focus on functionality, Midcentury drawing room ideas are undeniably timeless and relatively simple to emulate at home.

  • Industrial: Industrial style refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes clues from industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces.

  • Minimalism: A minimalist decor living room features minimal yet practical furnishings made of natural materials. From this list of living room interior design ideas, this is the easiest to incorporate. 

  • Traditional: Traditional décor elements can include book collections, chandeliers, sophisticated vases, and floral arrangements.


What are some tips for decorating your living room interiors?

  • While designing and styling your living room, start by adding some form of seating such as sofas, chairs and a coffee table.

  • Then move on to soft furnishings such as carpets, pillows and throws. 

  • Add in lighting fixtures and decor accessories to create a warm space where you will enjoy spending time.

  • Finally, bring in arresting artworks that add some drama and intrigue to the space. 

  • If you need additional ​​living room interior design ideas, it’s best to consult a living room designer.


What should I put on my living room walls?

To make your living room walls look attractive, you could create an accent wall with artworks, or add a textural wallpaper, paint it in vibrant hue or craft an intricate wall panel. A living room designer can offer additional advice on what to put on living room walls.


How can I make my living room look bigger?

Naturally, white is an obvious choice for making a hall interior design feel bigger. It's no secret that light colours make a room look larger, especially if the space is bathed in natural light. Moreover, it’s advisable to consult a living room designer for personalised recommendations on hall interior designs.


How do you arrange furniture in a small living room?

In a small hall design, arrange furniture around a designated focal point. A TV, fireplace, window, or piece of wall decor can all serve as the room's centre of attention. Place furnishings around or directly facing the focal point to maintain a clear view. A hall designer or a hall interior designer can help with some suggestions on ​​living room interior design ideas.


How to accessorise your Living Room?

A living room is the heart of a home. Therefore, your hall design should be inviting yet functional. Speak to a hall designer before starting your hall interior design. Choose a bright colour scheme like red, orange, pink, blue or green to make a statement. Add home decor pieces that infuse fun! These include striking artworks, unique sculptures and cosy soft furnishings. For further assistance, reach out to a living room designer. A hall interior designer or a ​​drawing room designer will provide you with more living room ideas.


What are the best colour combinations for a hall design?

As more of us are working and entertaining at home, blues and cool neutrals are likely to remain popular in 2023. According to hall designers and drawing room designers, light beiges and greiges give a cosy and comforting feel to a living room and will combine well with your existing flooring, furniture and accessories. For customised living room design ideas, speak to a living room designer.


Types of Hall Design Ideas

When it comes to plans for the hall interior design, many factors come into play. The most important is the size of the space allocated for a living room. In small city apartments, for example, the living room is generally an open-plan one where there is no wall between the living area and the kitchen to create a big living room.


Open Kitchen Living Room

A hall room design that has become widely popular is the open kitchen living room plan. While this is a great option for small living rooms, the open plan living room where there is no wall between the kitchen and living area is being incorporated into a large luxury living room design as well. An open kitchen living room makes the space look vast and seamless. It also allows for including an island as a subtle separation between the living and kitchen areas. The benefit of this living room plan is that it doesn’t isolate the person working in the kitchen and makes meal preparation a convivial affair. The island can also double up as a breakfast or meal counter.

Stylish/Classy Living Room

A stylish sitting room design is all about using the right materials, colours and furniture to create a harmonious space. A classy living room has a timeless appeal and transcends trends. To achieve a sitting room design that is not dated, it is important to stick to materials and colours that convey that impression. Wood, for example, and neutral colours such as warm whites and beiges will help create a stylish living room.


Selecting a low budget Indian style living room design

If you’re looking to design your living room on a low budget, opt for an Indian style living room design. You can choose simple furnishings and decor accessories by Indian artisans to craft an arresting Indian style home. These ​​​​​​low budget living room designs Indian style are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. We love these low budget living room designs Indian style for traditional or contemporary homes. These living room design ideas are visually arresting!


Why choose a living room designer by Beautiful Homes?

Are you looking for a ​​living room interior designer or a drawing room designer? The task of designing your dream home can seem like a daunting one. Our hall designers can help. Beautiful Homes Services by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. For everything you need to create your living room, the knowledgeable living room interior designers at Beautiful Homes Services are here to support you every step of the way. We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream living room. Our living room interior designers create spaces tailored to your tastes and lifestyle, combine visual appeal with functional ease, optimise available space—and we keep it all within your budget. For a home consultation with a living room interior designer, click here.


Reasons to buy hall design ideas from Beautiful Homes?

Alternatively, you could visit our store for further guidance from a living room interior designer on hall design ideas. With a curation of products and solutions from a family of brands, the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes store is your one-stop shop to create a home or space that tells your unique story. Whether you are looking to quickly spruce up your drawing room design with a few décor updates or undertake an entire renovation, this store houses everything from furniture and furnishings to fixtures and home automation solutions. Currently, our stores are present across the country in cities such as Amritsar, New Delhi, Raipur, Jaipur, Tumakuru, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Karur, Kochi, and Nashik, we are in the process of branching out in other states and cities as well.

Living Room FAQs

What are the services provided in Living Room Interior Design?

We offer complete end-to-end designing and execution of the interiors of a house including living room interior designing. This includes furniture, furnishings, decorative lighting, modular kitchens, accessories, painting and civil work. Everything is created with expert precision, keeping in mind your taste and style, making it completely personalized living room design to fit your needs.

How can I update my living room without buying new furniture?

We pride ourselves on providing you best in class personalized living room designs to fit your needs. You can work together with our Customer Experience Specialist and the Interior designer to create a design using a mixture of existing and new furniture to create your dream home.

How can I customize my living room?

We pride ourselves on providing you best in class personalized designs to fit your living room interior design. You can work together with our Customer Experience Specialist and the Interior designer to create the designs of your house along with the living room that fit your style, taste and needs.

When can I meet the interior designer to communicate my requirements?

Our Customer Experience Specialist will visit your house first to understand your living room design needs and requirements. He would explain the interior designing process in detail and would understand your needs and style. He will clear all your doubts and concerns at this stage. In the 2nd visit, our expert living room interior designer will visit your site with the Customer Experience Specialist to have a detailed design discussion. He will show you the proposed designs for living room over our state-of-the-art 3D visualizer, where you can make changes to the design and see those changes happen in real time. In the current circumstances, you can opt to have these meetings online as well.

How to design a small living room?

Small, compact homes—and as a result, small living rooms—are inevitable in metros but that doesn’t mean that they can’t look airy, comfortable and well-designed. Small living room designs can be very creative and offer great space-saving solutions.


The first thing when it comes to small living room designs is to have an open-plan layout, where the division between the living and dining rooms or living room and the kitchen design is fluid and seamless. It will help make the space seem larger; a counter or a movable, lightweight screen are good dividers if you want to demarcate spaces. Always choose lighter shades around the room. Pastels, creams and whites are a great way to prevent the interior of the living room from looking too cramped. Avoid bold and bright shades as far as possible, unless you choose to use them on a small scale—on a small decorative item or a cushion cover would work. 


As far as possible, try and maximise the daylight that pours into the living room. This could be easily achieved by using lightweight curtains. Don’t go for the lush, heavily textured ones. Blinds would be an even better bet. Open out the area around your windows so that it doesn’t prevent the smooth flow of daylight into the space. Try and add a mirror or two; it gives the illusion of making the living room interior seem bigger than it is. When you pick out the furniture, steer clear of the hefty sofas and choose something light. A two-seater rather than a three-seater, for example, and clean-lined chairs or stools over stuffy armchairs. Extra folding chairs are a great alternative—they can be folded up and kept away when not in use and opened up when guests come over. Add in multifunctional pieces too, such as TV cabinets that can also serve as storage and shelving units and fit right into a modern small living room design. You can load the cabinets up with your living room décor accessories, books and gadgets. Even shelving units that sit on walls can save space, be functional and also add aesthetic value. You can do away entirely with a cabinet and make use of the wall itself. Mount the TV on the wall and attach several smaller shelves on different parts across the wall (do beware that you don’t go overboard though).


Go easy on accessories when doing up the interior of the living room to avoid clutter; small-sized planters are an easy solution. Finally, choose your lighting well. Combine decorative lights that are not too big with recessed lighting in the ceiling. Chandeliers, however, are best avoided.

What are the things to keep in mind before designing the living room?

Before you even get started on the actual work of designing a living room, it’s a good idea to have a well-thought-out plan and organised approach. It helps to avoid any surprises when the execution of the design begins. The first thing to do is to figure out the primary function of your living room. This is different for different people: How do you see the space being used? Do you entertain often at home? Do you see this as the room where the family would get together? How many people would end up using it at once? The budget you plan would depend on the extent of work. Would it be a complete makeover or a renovation, etc—this will help you fix on a budget. Do factor in the cost of hiring a personalised interior design service if you are looking for professional guidance as well.


The next important step is the layout of the living room, to get a basic idea of how you see the furniture and décor fitting into the space. Make sure you leave some room for flexibility. You would want to change things around a bit—rearrange furniture, add in accessories, change the artwork at some point. So make sure the layout you have mapped out isn’t too rigid.


Then comes the fun part of the job—researching! Arm yourself with information regarding designing a living room. There are a host of styles out there, so you should be able to zero in on the one that appeals to you the most. Apart from surfing the internet, you also have at hand our Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints Interior Design Services website. It is a storehouse of visual references that you can catalogue and keep aside.


After the broad framework is in place, it is time to think about the colour scheme, the materials and the furniture, furnishings and other elements. Colours and materials will set the tone for all your other decisions as well (furniture, accessories and the like). When designing the living room, be mindful of the size of the furniture. If it’s too heavy and bulky, it could overwhelm the living room and is probably best avoided. Also, while designing the living room, make sure that it gets ample natural light. That can then be complemented with well-chosen lighting options. Be sure to use a lot of classic pieces so you won’t feel the need to replace them too often.

And while doing all this, always consider the bigger picture: how your living room interior design will look when seen in the context of the other rooms. There should be a sense of continuity throughout the house, so remember to work within that larger framework.