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Key Elements of a Bedroom Design

A well-designed bed for a comfortable rest

Four-poster, king-sized, queen-sized—we help you create the bed design that best serves your requirements and assures a good rest.

Bed Design For Bedroom With a Study Table and Muted Colour Cushions - Beautiful Homes

Add an element of style to utility with the right side table

The nightstand or the side table for your bedroom interior is indispensable to enhancing the aesthetic of your space. We customise a side table that has great functional value and complements your bedroom design too.

Wardrobes that are as much about style as function

An important addition to the bedroom, wardrobes come in a range of materials and sizes. You can have your pick from our diverse range of wardrobe designs. Sleek and elegant wardrobes go a long way in elevating bedroom décor.

If you have the space, make room for a walk-in closet

A coveted addition to any bedroom interior, walk-in closets can enhance your room’s aesthetic. Depending on your tastes, we design and create the walk-in closet that reflects your sensibilities—from the luxurious to the contemporary.

Find the flooring that can be the foundation of your bedroom design

Wooden floors are a way to add warmth to your bedroom interiors. Our offerings range from the lighter woods to the darker hues, so find one that best suits your needs, your space and your preferences.

Wooden Flooring Idea and Design for Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Layer your aesthetic with well-picked furnishings

Textures colours that soothe the senses should be top of mind when it comes to furnishings that enhance bedroom décor. We pay close attention to ensuring that the selection of fabrics and textiles evokes absolute comfort and offsets your bedroom interior.

Bed Design For Bedroom With a Study Table and Muted Colour Cushions - Beautiful Homes Wooden Flooring Idea and Design for Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

These are some popular styles under bedroom that you can explore:

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How to design a bedroom layout?

The most private part of a house, the bedroom is a sanctuary meant to provide peace, tranquillity and a good night’s rest. Bedroom interior design, therefore, plays a very important role in ensuring that this objective is satisfied. While planning the interior design for the space, The bedroom interior designer should also consider the style of the rest of the house and the preferences and needs of the homeowners. The latter takes on greater significance in a private space like a bedroom, because this is the one place in the house where personal expression can find optimal expression.


What are the top modern bedroom interior design styles

Create the bedroom interior design of your dreams in a look that feels perfect for you. It is easy to choose bedroom ideas from the latest bedroom interior design styles when it is an extension of your lifestyle and personality. Your bedroom interiors can be ‘Bohemian’ if you are a free spirited adventurer at heart. If quiet ‘Minimalism’ is your preference of bedroom design then go for neutral colours and earthy fabrics. ‘Traditional’ Indian bedroom interiors are a way to use ornate style and rich colours. The bedroom design as the ‘Serene Sanctuary’ of your home is increasingly becoming a popular style with the use of plants. Natural elements and cosy linen. You can take this style a step further by adding thick rugs and vintage furniture, with the help of a skilled bedroom interior designer, and create a ‘Rustic’ bedroom design. The ‘Eclectic’ style conjures up bedroom ideas that are reflective of your travels and interests. An ‘Elegant’ bedroom is a classic look for your bedroom interiors that is all about timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Explore modern bedroom interior design ideas at our décor magazine.


What are the best ways to make your bedroom interior creative and innovative?

Here are some innovative bedroom design ideas:

  • First and foremost your bedroom design has to be an extension of your lifestyle and personality. As your own bedroom designer create a mood-board by putting together images, colours, materials that you love.
  • A bedroom designer has to ensure that the bedroom interior design is the right balance of beauty, comfort and utilitarian.
  • Play with textures, colours and patterns in your bedroom interiors to create a unique look of your own.
  • Adding plants, wood and other natural elements brings a serene vibe to your bedroom design.
  • The latest bedroom interior design is a call for creating a personalised look with art, photos, keepsakes, that are part of your memories collected through the years.
  • As a bedroom designer it is important to pay attention to the lighting, which is key in creating the right mood and vibe.
  • Use natural fabrics and neutral colours for your bedding, with the guidance of a talented bedroom interior designer, to create a calm, cosy, comfortable space.


Tips to keep in mind while selecting a bedroom design idea


How Can I Make My Bedroom Luxurious?

  • Metallic accents and accessories are a simple way to add a touch of luxury to bedroom interiors. The best quality bed linen and soft furnishings will add that subtle but essential touch of luxury.


How to design a Small Bedroom

  • Open up the space with neutral coloured walls and ample natural light. After this add pops of colour and textures to the bedroom design without overwhelming the small space. Add space saving beds with storage solutions.


How to design a bedroom for the best sleep

  • Consider restful and soothing colours in your bedroom interiors. Instead of one bright light use multiple lamps for a serene feel. Keep furniture and clutter to the minimum.

We have a wide range of bedroom interior design ideas for your home at our exclusive home décor magazine.


Types of Bedroom Design by Colour

  • Colour is not only about the paint for the wall but the colour of the furniture and furnishings as well, including bed sheets, curtains and cushion covers. Picking the right shades depends on personal taste and the overarching home interior design. The colours chosen should also complement each other. Most importantly, with the guidance of a skilled bedroom designer, the shades to work with in a private space should soothe the senses.You can explore the latest bedroom interior ideas & tips for colour options to layout at our décor magazine.


What are the 5 Must-Have Furniture items in the Bedroom?

  • The bed is the must-have in a bedroom and also forms the focal point of the room. So choose one with care to have years of comfort.
  • The bedside table is the most used piece of furniture in the bedroom after the bed. Choose a well-designed table to accommodate everything from a reading lamp, to a carafe of water. It should be placed within easy reach of the bed.
  • A spacious wardrobe design is a bedroom essential. You can match the colours and style of your wardrobe to your bed.
  • Add a comfortable armchair to a cosy nook of the bedroom, with the assistance of a talented bedroom designer, to create a perfect spot for reading and sometimes napping in.
  • A dressing table with a mirror and adequate storage for your essentials will be your lifelong partner.


What are Some Budget Bedroom Interior Design Ideas?

  • Change the paint to add a splash of colour and transform your bedroom into a vibrant space as good as new once again.
  • Fill your windowsill, shelves and side tables with lush and leafy foliage and transform your bedroom.
  • Add some sparkle to your bedroom design by playing with lighting. Some new lamps or string lights are easy for budget bedroom ideas. A beautiful chandelier as a statement piece can give your bedroom an expensive and extravagant look.
  • Modern prints on the walls, abstract wallpaper, eclectic carpets and funky upholstery are great ways to make the bedroom design look modern and chic.


Why choose a bedroom designer by Beautiful Homes

Our bedroom interior designer will make sure to understand your needs and desires to give you clever solutions and innovative ideas. Our online store offers a curated collection of exquisite furniture, furnishings and accessories that can help transform your old and tired bedroom into an elegant and opulent space that is bursting with life.


Reasons to buy bedroom design ideas from Beautiful Homes?

At Beautiful Homes, we want our bedroom design service to tell your story while bringing design, personality and functionality to your space. Our professional bedroom interior designers believe that you and your space need to be connected. We take care of each detail and work closely with our clients to make their space unique, full of memories and stories.

Bedroom Design FAQs

What are the services provided in Bedroom Interior Design?

We offer complete end-to-end bedroom interior designing and execution of the interiors of a house. This includes bedroom furniture, furnishings, decorative lighting, modular kitchens, accessories, painting, and civil work. Everything is created with expert precision, keeping in mind your taste and style, making it a completely personalized bedroom design to fit your needs. 

What services are included in bedroom interior design?

The bedroom interior designing includes furniture, furnishings, decorative lighting, accessories, painting, false ceiling design, tiling, civil work etc. among a plethora of other things.

Can one avail the service for simple & minimal bedroom design?

Beautiful Homes Service is completely personalized home interior design service to fit your style, taste and needs. Our designers would talk to you in detail to understand your vision and help you design as per your taste.

Can my current furniture be incorporated into a new bedroom design?

We pride ourselves on providing you best in class personalized bedroom interior designs to fit your needs. You can work together with our Customer Experience Specialist and the Interior designer to create a bedroom design using a mixture of existing and new furniture to create your dream home. 

How do you arrange furniture in a small bedroom?

small bedroom does come with certain limitations but some clever bedroom ideas when it comes to décor and furniture arrangement can make your compact space comfortable and perfect for your requirements.


Furnishing a small bedroom, but it isn’t as difficult as you think! The important bedroom interior idea revolves around focusing on the bigger pieces first—the bed, for example. It is the centrepiece of your furniture and regardless of your bedroom layout, whether square or elongated, the bed should be placed against the dominant wall. Make sure you leave enough moving room alongside though. Then move on to the other significant element of a bedroom—the closet and the dresser. It’s a good idea to look for wardrobes with sliding doors so the front-opening doors don’t eat up space. If you have the room for it, a compact dresser or a chest of drawers inside the wardrobe is a great bedroom idea to implement. Else, line up your dresser right next to your wardrobe, so that all clothing is in one place.


Harmonising a colour palette for your furniture can help make the bedroom seem bigger. For instance, a bed and a closet in the same colour family will lend it a seamless look. Opt for curtains, pillows, rugs and upholstery in contrasting or complementary shades; a well-used bedroom idea is matching the fabric to the wall paint.  Darker shades, in small doses, are a good way to enhance the décor. A mirror as a bedroom interior idea is worth exploring. A mirror on the closet door is space-saving, functional and useful. Strategically placed ones add to the illusion of space. Storage can be readily managed with a bed that offers storage. Go with cabinets along the top of the wall for storage and shelving units on the wall for assorted items of daily use. Once the big pieces are handled, get in the desk and the side table or other smaller furniture pieces. Once it’s all in, move it around to find the best placement vis-à-vis your bed and wardrobe.


Ample natural light never fails in opening up space so if your bedroom has a window, ensure you don’t cover it up with bulky curtains. Soft, lighter weight curtains are a better option. You can hang the curtain as close to the ceiling as possible; it extends the line of sight right up to the ceiling, giving a sense of space. There are plenty of small bedroom ideas you can tap into for a comfortable compact space. Bedroom interior ideas are aplenty in any kind of style that appeals to you, be it modern and minimal or contemporary and rustic.