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3BHK House Design

As the term suggests, a 3BHK house plan is one with three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a minimum of two toilets, one attached to the master bedroom. In a 3BHK home design, the largest bedroom is the master while the two smaller ones can be configured based on the number of people living in the house—a kids room design, a bedroom for guests or converting it into a study or home office or both. A 3BHK house plan, particularly in big cities, can be classified as a generously sized house. An apartment this size typically ranges between 800 square feet to 1,400 square feet. Given the amount of space that there is to work with, interior designers creating a 3BHK home design have more room to decorate while still making the space seem airy. Moreover, homeowners tend to want their 3BHK design to be as warm and inviting as it is spacious and elegant. Whatever the design aesthetic adopted, however, retaining the functional element is also important. Given that these are larger homes, there are also apartments with 3BHK duplex house plans.


Types of 3BHK Interior Designs

A living cum dining with a coordinated blend of white, yellow, brown and prints
A minimally designed dining room with an eight seater table
A living room with three different shades for sofas and armchair
A wooden wall panelling work that matches the bedroom furniture
A blue and white kitchen with a curved breakfast cum serving station
Wooden panelling work from wall to ceiling elevates the entire bedroom
The interiors takes inspiration from an industrial building setup with exposed pipes and brick wall finishes
A five seater circular dining tavle with a linear console
A light pink themed bedroom with beige wallpaper and flooring
Arched doors for bookshelves

Our design process - how it works

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Understanding what you need

Our team will spend time with you to understand your requirement and preferences - functional and aesthetic


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Our designers will work on a unique interior design, and show you the potential of your home - in 3D


Cost optimisation and planning

We will help you make key interior design decisions that suit your budget, before charting out a project plan


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Looking for expert guidance to design your

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FAQs for a 3BHK Home Design

1. How can I decorate my 3BHK flat? OR How do I realise my 3BHK house interior design?

When it comes to 3BHK flat interior design ideas, you have greater room to get creative with the decor given that you have more space to work with. First and foremost, though, it is important to understand your tastes and the main requirements and what you want out of your space. As far as design aesthetic options are concerned there are many to choose from, whether it is a neat clutter-free design or a mix of traditional and modern. Choose your colours well and make sure they are complemented by the decor. While it is easier to use brighter colours in a bigger space, make sure to not go overboard and think about maintaining the spaciousness of the house. It is always a good idea to know what function each of the rooms will have, particularly in a 3BHK, so plan before designing and picking the furniture. Remember to add indoor plants for a refreshing look.

2. Which colour is the best for a 3BHK home design?

Neutrals, whites, beiges and pastels are timeless options for a flat of any size. The same holds for a 3BHK house design, as a neutral palette allows you to experiment with other aspects of the decor. In a 3BHK house plan, however, if you choose to you can experiment with darker shades like a grey colour, as space allows for it to be used without making the house seem dull. It is always good to combine the darker colour with a lighter shade. And if you go dark, then make sure the space receives ample natural light.

3. What is a 3BHK house?

In real estate terminology, an apartment that has three bedrooms, a living room or hall (H) and a kitchen is a 3BHK flat interior design. Of the three bedroom designs, the largest would be the master bedroom which comes with an attached bathroom. The other two bedrooms can belong to kids or the parents of the homeowners and the third one can be a guest room or double up as a study, library, den or home office. A 3BHK house plan comes with two toilets.

4. How can Beautiful Homes help me with my 3BHK flat interior design?

We are a full-service interior solutions company and look into every aspect of design and decor when it comes to residences. Our expert designers can help you work out the best-suited 3BHK flat interior design ideas that complement your tastes. It could range from a traditional aesthetic to a 3BHK modern house design or a more minimal one, our team of designers can create one that is specific to your individual style preference. Our designers work with you to understand your requirements and are well versed in designing homes of any size, whether it is a city apartment or a and make any changes you want to before work starts. Our designers can work with any size, whether it is a 3BHK small house design or a 3BHK villa design.

5. How long would it take to design a 3BHK apartment?


Factors That Influence Your 3BHK House Plan

As with a house of any size, a 3BHK interior design is also determined by a certain number of key factors that designers and homeowners need to consider. Apart from the owners’ requirements and their style preferences, other aspects are integral in getting the best-suited home design for a flat.


By most standards when it comes to city homes, a 3BHK is a large-sized apartment with a comfortable amount of square footage. The more space that designers have to work with, the more 3BHK interior design ideas can be implemented. If the house is in the higher range of a typical 3BHK home in terms of size, then more furniture, accessories and other elements can be added to make it look warm and intimate. 

Interior Design Style

This is where the homeowners’ styles and preferences come into play. There are diverse interior design styles that can be achieved for a 3BHK house design. From the contemporary style, which is an aesthetic that follows what is currently the most popular aesthetic for a 3BHK interior design, to modernism, traditional, industrial or rustic—there is a wide variety to choose from. While minimalism in its starker form may make a spacious 3BHK house design look too Spartan, Scandinavian-style minimalism adds a layer of warmth with the use of wood and warm colours. There is a diverse choice available to homeowners when it comes to their house design. Choosing the perfect interior design for your home can be a task and we at Beautiful Homes can help you with creating that space hassle free. 


Natural Light and Ventilation

A major advantage of a 3BHK house design is that its size allows for the house to look airy by default. However, ensuring that there are no obstacles to the natural light flooding the space and that the rooms have good ventilation is still important. Sometimes, homeowners might add on too much thinking there is enough space to accommodate everything that they need. This, however, could end up even making a large 3BHK look cramped and poorly ventilated. Any 3BHK interior design ideas should focus on maximising these two elements. 

Vastu of a House

Vastu shastra has always played a central role in home design and a 3BHK house plan is no different. Many homeowners adhere to vastu principles to ensure positive vibes in their houses. Hence vastu gains primacy when it comes to vastu for a 3BHK house plan. Everything that is planned should be considered from this perspective—the location of the kitchen, the direction of the main entrance, the direction in which the furniture should be facing, the kind of materials and colours needed to make a house vastu-compliant. So consulting an expert or a designer with a deep understanding of vastu shastra is imperative before the interior design process starts.


How To Make a Functional 3BHK Interior Design

Convenience and ease of movement are as important as the visual appeal of a house. To achieve that, a 3BHK house design should be functional as well in a way that it doesn’t compromise on the aesthetic. Design that is efficient, neat and smart-looking depends on many factors.

Colour Palette

Lighter colours, any shade of white and muted colours are the go-to option when it comes to the dominating colour palette to use in a house. However, given that a 3BHK house plan means more space to work with, homeowners can choose to use darker shades if they so wish. Greys to complement neutrals, or brighter shades in larger formats (such as the colour of furniture pieces, cabinets, TV units, etc) is a good idea. Care must be taken to not go overboard with bold colours; even in a large 3BHK, too much dark or bold can overcrowd the space.


More space means room for more or even larger pieces of furniture. In a 3BHK interior design, homeowners have the option of looking at larger pieces of furniture in darker wood, for instance, without having to worry about cramping up the space. If they choose they can opt for more seating in the living room or a bigger bed in the master bedroom if there is room enough. The more the space the more the chances of it all fitting in without compromising on the spaciousness. The 3BHK flat furniture design ideas can include acquiring pieces in darker shades or heavy and comfortable sofas, etc.

Kitchen and Living Spaces

Given the space the homeowners have to work with in a 3BHK home design, there are a variety of ways in which the living room design and bedrooms can be adapted to the homeowners’ requirements. For instance, the third bedroom can double up as a guest room as well as a study and workspace. A comfortably sized dining area can be planned for in an open layout living room or along with the kitchen. Additionally, there are several 3BHK house plan with pooja room ideas that can be adopted. If the kitchen design is spacious, an island can be incorporated into the space, resulting in more storage options as well as a breakfast counter.

Budget Design

While the size of a house certainly impacts the cost, a 3BHK flat interior design doesn’t necessarily have to involve a generous or flexible budget. There are ways in which an elegant design can also be cost-effective. Refurbishing or repurposing existing furniture can help limit the number of new pieces bought, for example. Opting for a modular kitchen in a 3BHK flat interior design, or even modular furniture can help keep costs low. Multifunctional furniture pieces or those that come with storage are other alternatives, as is using cost-effective material options.


Budgeting for a 3BHK Home Design

  • A 3BHK interior design cost is determined by different factors, including the size, which is the most significant; the bigger the area that is to be designed, the higher the cost.

  • The city where the homeowner lives also plays an important role in a 3BHK interior design cost estimate. Mumbai, for example, will be more expensive than Chennai.

  • Choosing the number and kind of furniture best suited for the house, whether it is custom-made or ready-made, the material in which it is preferred is also an important consideration to fix the budget for a 3BHK design.

  • The kind of soft furnishings and the materials for them are also integral to the budget.



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