Zoloft, Goa

Create a zen-like ambience with fundamental white walls and wooden furniture influenced by the interiors of Zoloft, Goa

Smart use of colour, eclectic furniture and eye-catching art – this villa has its own distinctive style that you will want to emulate in your home.

There is ample use of wooden furniture throughout the villa, with each room having its own distinct style. Combining several kinds of wood in a small home might seem like a bad idea, but this villa is an example that when done tastefully, it can also bring about cohesiveness.

To keep things interesting, you can give the pieces different finishes – from glossy and distressed to aged. Keep the walls muted so that the furniture stands as the hero of the space. At Zoloft for instance, one bedroom has a polished darkwood bed, another has a white painted one while in the dining room, the table and chairs have a distressed finish. 

Mix and match patterns and colours while selecting sofas and seaters to give your room an eccentric look. Accessories such as a small bench at the end of the bed, a side table with a bright table top or a set of bright place mats can change the whole look of the room.


Written By: Batul Netterwala

Contributing Writer

31 January 2018

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