When working from home is not an option, Ministry of New

Co-working spaces get a chic makeover complete with double height ceilings, skylight and an urban chic décor to boot

If there’s something we are most possessive about to the point of being territorial, that would be our desks. We find inspiration in the way the flowers droop out of the vase, stack of pencils fight for space with our newly acquired Muji notepad and that in turn with our MacBooks. Hence we have always found the thought of co-working spaces a tad hard to digest. That until we came across the striking Ministry of New designed by the Dutch duo, Marlies Bloemendaal and Natascha Chadha.

Big, open-plan and white, the space comes alive with an eclectic mix of plants, lamps, books and magazines, as well as customized furniture. We love how they have managed to create a courtyard/ chowk-like feel with natural skylight and a corridor lined with plants. A great idea that one can borrow for their own homes is the play of seating styles. In-built benches with loose cushions, sink in sofas and a swing, no less, vie for your attention. Another thing we definitely want to try is upgrading our desk. Imagine your study plastered with pages of your favourite books, inspiration can’t come closer home than this!


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