The Waterfront Granary, Kochi

Breathe life into your minimal, pared back interiors with accessories in bright colours, just like The Waterfront Granary in Kochi

Who said minimal interiors must be vanilla? The rooms of Waterfront Granary, Kochi will make you rethink your perception of minimal. Located in an old 1877 granary, the retreat has a distinct laid-back feel to it. The furniture in dark wood is beautifully complemented by bright accessories and fresh flowers.

In fact, colour is used unabashedly throughout – from the bright summery yellow on the façade to the pretty Athankudi handmade tiles used as flooring. The flooring plays a key role in dividing areas and demarcating spaces within rooms and public spaces of the hotel. This is something we can adopt in our homes as well. If you have a vast living room, use dual flooring options to break the space down for various uses. The same can be applied in the bedroom too – where the area with the bed has a stone floor while the study has a wood floor.

We love how corners are brought to life with glimpses into the hotel’s history, through black and white photo frames hanging from bare walls for maximum visual effect. To make art the hero of your interiors, keep the furniture to a minimum so that the artwork can shine through.

Take a look at the interiors of The Waterfront Granary for inspiration for your own home


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


22 November 2017

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