The future is here

This pyramid-shaped glass building could very well shape the way we will live

We have been guilty of pigeonholing all things futuristic in a somewhat-cynical glass and steel bucket. But that was until we came across the spectacularly put together Hotel Éclat Beijing. To say, that it blew our mind wouldn't do it justice. It is so much more than that.

For starters, it is a master class in how to pair art together, given it houses over a hundred pieces including original sculptures and paintings from greats like Salvador Dali, Pierre Matter, Zhang Guolang, Chen Wen Ling, Andy Warhol, Gao Xiao Wu and Zou Liang among others.

It is part glamorous, part sexy where glittering glass panels meet mirror polished marble flooring, and quirky installations make their presence felt under glitzy neon lights. There is a thing or two to learn here; on how to play the maximalist field while toeing the cutting edge. After all, who doesn’t love a walk down the future?


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