The Four Sisters Townhouse, London

Discover an eclectic bar inspired by the pages of a Charles Dickens novel

Walk down the cobbled streets behind St Paul’s Cathedral to discover the Dickensian style at The Four Sisters Townhouse. With its Victorian floor tiles, gargoyle heads, bold wallpaper, plush tufted sofas, and antique lights, it takes you right inside a Charles Dickens’ novel.

Every bit a sensorial experience, the interiors delights you with floral wallpaper, bright fuchsia walls, mustard sofas, large ornate, gilded mirrors and a bunch of oddities that seek your attention. Vintage books, some that go as far back as 1931 sit pretty alongside paintings, and pinned beetles and butterflies in frames.

It’s not too large a space and it is enviable on how they have managed to put together a riot of colours and patterns without ever appearing to be chaotic.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

1 December 2016

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