The Fort Printers, Galle

Take a leaf from the interiors of The Fort Printers, Galle to create a pared down yet colourful haven in your own home

In Sri Lanka’s quaint city of Galle, The Fort Printers is an 18th century mansion restored into an elegant boutique hotel.

Emulate its décor scheme with a sharp lined, minimalistic design, soothing shades and handcrafted details. Get the look with a four-poster bed, chaise longue and writing desk and chair à la Le Corbusier. The handcrafted wooden pieces of furniture will offset the monochromatic palette seen on the walls, linens and soft furnishings.

Style the bathrooms with white and grey – the contrast best unifies the space. Play with shades of grey, whether choosing to go with tiles or raw concrete.

Inclined to add colour in the room? Then, take a leaf from the hotel’s Arts and The Prefect’s rooms, and use vibrant shades in the tapestry, accents, bed linen and soft furnishings to brighten the room. Choose wooden flooring, in the form of tiles or planks, in the same shade as the slated windows, room partitions and doors to make the room seem cohesive.

To complete the look, dress up the interiors with pendant glass lamps, vintage-styled standing or table lamps, model cars and other knick-knacks that are reminiscent of the colonial era.


Written By: Anamika Butalia

Contributing Writer

29 March 2018

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