The Artist’s Studio, Jaipur

Pair antiques, upcycled furniture and vibrant greens for a warm inviting space a la The Artist’s Studio, Jaipur

We love when spaces are decorated with love and attention to detail. This makes The Artist’s Studio in Jaipur our new favourite place. What’s unique about this bed and breakfast is that it is a singular room packed with memorabilia, antiques and art. It’s easy to see how there is method in the madness here – the owners, Saskia and Tarpan Patel transformed the walls into giant floating shelves to display their collections.

You can adapt the same in your house as well, but instead of building shelves on each wall, try creating a feature wall with this idea. Build several shelves and line them with your treasured finds and souvenirs. Mix brass and wood showpieces with ceramic and glass ones for a varied display.

The white and blue colour scheme induces a calm, meditative feeling, considering The Artist’s Studio is situated in the central hub of the city. The adjoining outdoor seating area is tastefully done up too, with potted plants and throw cushions to create a laid-back space.

Take the same approach when it comes to your city balcony. Line it with potted plants and if space allows, a chair and table for two. If you don’t have a balcony, choose a comfy spot near large, French windows, and pile on floor and throw cushions for a cosy nook.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


30 January 2018

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