Taru Villas-Yala

The interiors of Taru Villas-Yala are a lesson in acing the balance between countryside side charm and urban comfort

With a harmonious blend of antique and modern elements, Taru Villas-Yala has succeeded in achieving what each home decorator strives for – a marriage between the old and new. With a combination of wooden furniture and marble pieces, Yala gives off a luxurious vibe.

Repetition is an easy way to create a balance of rustic and modern elements. It can be an all marble floor, use of only wooden furniture or addition of life-sized artworks tying all elements together.

Another easy to adapt idea is restricting colours to two or three shades at the most. Smaller pockets of colour can be injected with brightly painted furniture or bunches of fresh flowers.

Straw blinds not only elevate the aesthetic of a room, but also keep it cool during hot summers and retain heat in winter. combine with soft linen to create a serene setting.

Add plenty of light sources to keep things bright. A spotlight over an artwork, tea lights on the dining table or bathroom counter and pendant lights over key areas can open up a confined space.


Written By: Batul Netterwala

Contributing Writer

6 February 2018

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