Taru Villas, Galle

This understated luxury resort works with the simple rule of editing the décor elements in each space to create a timeless elegance

There’s nothing that makes our hearts sing as much as interiors that borrow from the old world and yet blend in with the urban. Taru Villas is a shining example of this where colonial Ceylon meets modern Sri Lanka as antique furniture combines with rich fabrics and tapestry. Rough-hewn wood sits next to traditional, woven cane furniture.

A fail-safe way to create a perfect blend of the old and the new is to have a repeating element at continuous intervals. For example, it could be white or lime-finished walls, linen sofas, or similar over-sized rugs that will help tie in the entire space. Another simple idea is to restrict the use of colours to two or three shades. A white and beige combination immediately spells urban luxury with minimal effort.

Editing, instead of adding elements, is the easiest way to drift into a world of classical beauty and modern creature comforts.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

31 October 2017

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