Romita Comedor, Mexico

A century old structure is revitalised into a hip restaurant and bar in Mexico

Housed in a structure that’s almost a century old, Romita Comedor feels like a gazebo in the midst of a bustling city with large tiled-glass roof that extends all the way down to the wall. With its chequered flooring, wood finishes, grey walls and generous use of plants, the space is mix of fresh and modern sensibilities.

A large bench with plush cushions forms one end of the seating while a mix of oval, wrought iron and boxy wooden chairs form the other. The large windows and the retractable awning highlight the architecture, synonymous with train stations of that era.

Owner, Rodrig Espinoza, and his two partners, Marcela Lugo and Arturo, wanted the restaurant to not only be a young, vibrant meeting space for the locals from the neighbourhood but also a place that showcased its heritage to the visitors.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

2 February 2017

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