Rohet Garh, Jodhpur

Colours and patterns take centre stage at the ornate Rohet Garh in Jodhpur

The first thing that strikes you about the interiors of Rohet Garh is the abundance of colour used throughout the heritage hotel. Ochre, salmon, cherry red, teal and sea green are used extravagantly and yet, don’t overpower. Take a cue and mellow down large blocks of solid colour with different design features. Some walls feature a soft dapple effect while others feature a break in the colour with the lower portion of the wall in white, giving the effect of a dado rail.

Patterns play a big role in this hotel, found abundantly on Persian carpets, antique furniture, soft furnishings like bedspreads and curtains. It’s also reflected on the walls with simple and intricate murals – this is, after all, a former palace restored as a heritage hotel.  Large rooms can easily take on this style but keep your flooring neutral so that the space isn’t visually overpowering.

Tall windows and high arches flood the rooms with natural light. You too can give the impression of height by using full-length curtains for windows and mounting them closer to the ceiling than the window frame. Sleek, longer curtains draw the eye upward making a room look bigger.

Lastly, pay attention to artificial lighting in your rooms. You can emulate what’s done at Rohet Garh by layering light at multiple heights and placing lamps to accentuate architectural features. For a quick guide on learning how to do this, read five ways to go about living room lighting.


Written By: Nadezna Siganporia

Contributing Writer

5 January 2018

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