Perch, New Delhi

Get inspired by this Delhi based restaurant’s natural material palette

There is a sense of lightness as you enter Perch- the exposed white brick wall, the natural wood from the furniture and the sprinkling of potted plants around the restaurant located in New Delhi’s Khan market area, combined with the quality of natural light that streams in through the wide-paned windows. We sat here on a cold, wintery afternoon and greedily soaked up all the sun that we could fit into our frozen, clammed-up hands, falling in love with the interiors as we did so.

Billed as a wine and coffee bar, Perch has been designed by Delhi based Anagram Architects. If you like the idea of exposed white brick walls for your home, consider pairing it with wooden furniture in a natural grain and choice of dark toned soft furnishings for the seating. The use of navy blue upholstery at Perch sets off the white walls perfectly. Another corner we were inspired by, was a section of the white wall with open shelves that hold together a collection of potted plants. Long hanging pendant lights complete the intimate feel of the space.


THE instagram STUDIO