Millk, Mumbai

This recreational space for parents and their children has a lot of décor cues to be inspired from

Designed as a space where parents and kids can both enjoy themselves, Millk in Mumbai’s busy Lower Parel area is a space that has been designed with detailed attention to what both parents and kids look for, when they are relaxing. The space has been designed by Mumbai based Umbrella Design.

We love the retro flooring and the modern furniture paired with the contrasting colour palettes employed through the space- all elements that balance themselves out. The children’s space is colourful and playful while the area for the parents manages to not take itself too seriously either.  If you love retro flooring for the home, take décor cues from the colour palette used at Millk to understand the kind of furniture that would complement this style of retro flooring.


Written By: Bindu Nair


23 January 2017

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